Who Is Sarah Ingle? Her Age, Job, Family

Good things come to those who wait. Look at Sarah Ingle farmer wants a wife. Even when Ryan got really close with Hayley R, he came over to Sarah and the two even kissed!

Keep reading Sarah Ingle Bio to learn more about her.

Sarah Ingle on Farmer Wants A Wife

Fox’s farmer wants a wife Just like it sounds.mixed bachelor and yellowstone park, the popular show follows four farmers, Landon Heaton, Hunter Grayson, Ryan Black and Alan Foster, as they each bring eight women to their homes for a chance at romance. In all, 32 urban girls leave dating apps behind to pursue love on a farm, all while battling livestock, hay and heavy manual labor.

Sarah Ingle was one of the women vying for Ryan’s heart and was very popular with the ladies. However, Ryan is not easy to talk to. But once he touches someone, he will definitely stay with her until the end of the show.

So the first woman to join Ryan was Hayley R, in what host Jennifer Nettles called the first 24. The pair spent several hours alone at the farm and enjoyed a dinner with lights on. Before going to bed for the night (separated, of course), Hailey then asks Ryan to stop chattering and kisses her. He did it!

But the next day, other ladies come to the farm, and in order to give everyone a fair chance, Ryan decides to explore more. So it was afterward that Sarah dived directly into the task at hand to impress the farmer. Later, Ryan also held Sarah’s hand outside at dinner, and the two continued to kiss. It was a “romantic moment,” Ryan explained of their interaction.

The single ladies competing with Sarah to be Ryan’s wife are Brittany (travel blogger from Sacramento, CA), Haley R (recruiter from New York, NY), Lily (psychology student from Miami, FL), McKenzie (interior designer from Phoenix, Arizona), Porschia (accounting assistant from Las Colinas, Texas), Sara V (bartender from Dallas, Texas) and Shartaysia (los Angeles, California) mental health therapist).

What is Sarah Ingle’s relationship status?

If we are to believe Sarah Ingle’s relationship status on Facebook, she will be “single” in 2023.

But given that Sarah signed a non-disclosure agreement with the show, she may have kept it a secret from us. For now, all we can do is wait and see.

“Looks like cats are out…catch me looking for love on the farm 🌾🐴 Tune in to @foxtv 🤠 March 8th,” she promoted the show on her IG.

sarah ingle age

Sarah Ingle was only 27 when she starred farmer wants a wife 2023.

She is the same age as her co-star Sarah I, and six years younger than Ryan.

Sarah Ingall Family

Sarah Ingle comes from a family of six – her parents Edward Ingle Nancy Keefner, herself and his three siblings.

Find her mom Nancy on IG @Nancy Dyer and Facebook @Nancy Kiffner.

As for her siblings, her oldest brother, David Tyler Ingall, died on August 13, 2019 at the age of 31. Reportedly mentally ill, he was shot and killed by a Joplin police officer.

David is a job placement contractor who loves music, tennis, spending time with his family, nature, hiking adventures, and jogging.

But even though David is gone, he lives on in the memory of those closest to him. “Happy 34 David! This mama will never forget your carefree spirit and tender heart. I still miss making you blackberry pie for your birthday,” his mother wrote on June 7, 2022 wrote.

Sarah’s brother, Chris Ingle, on the other hand, did a great job as president Love Road Records. He is also the lead singer and guitarist of the indie rock band never shout and experimental metal band eat me raw. The last time we checked, he had 5 studio albums to his band’s name.

Likewise, Sarah’s older sister, Hannah Ingle, is enjoying her life while working with the city to make sense of her brother’s death and get some good. According to her research, as many as half of fatal encounters with law enforcement involve people with mental illness, and people with untreated mental illness are 16 times more likely to be killed in police encounters than other civilians.

trivia: Sarah lost her grandmother to cancer in September 2020. “Gramma is where I landed safely, the girl I opened my arms to, my hideout when the world got too hard,” she saluted.

Is Sarah Ingle on Instagram?

Find Sarah on Instagram @Sarah Heinger.

Also, here is her Facebook @sarah.ingle.18.

Sarah Ingle height

Sarah Ingle is over 5’8″ (173cm).

Her distinctive features include – a rectangular face, toned figure and her grandmother’s signature tattooed on her neck.

Sarah Ingall Works

Sarah Ingle is a social impact communications specialist with a passion for mental health advocacy, creative storytelling and developing impactful partnerships.

In 2023, she will be Senior Manager, Social Media and Ambassador Relations smile train more than 4 years.

Before that, she was the Donor Relations and Volunteer Manager Tulsa Dream Center From July 2017 to January 2019, Director of the Women’s Leadership Program Los Angeles Dream Center From May 2015 to July 2016.

Related FAQs

  • When is Sarah Ingle’s birthday?

Sarah, who is born under the sign of Cancer, received her birthday greeting on July 15th.

  • Where is Sarah Ingle from?

Sarah is from Joplin, Missouri. But in 2023, she lives in New York, New York.

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