Who Is Saba Naqvi? Journalist Arrested By Delhi Police Check Reason Charges On Her?

Nowadays, anyone could come into the limelight while leading the agonist one so it automatically enhances the wide curiosity of the people to make themselves acquainted with everything. Yes, you heard right, “Saba Naqvi” is making the rapid rounds on social networking sites, and this is the reason, uncounted are paying attention to get all those pieces that are remaining unknown from the eyes of everyone. So below you could get the comprehensive details along with some untold facts which are remained untold for a very long and fetching the wide attention.

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Saba Naqvi is a popular former political editor of a magazine called “Outlook” which now contains the columns in the leading Indian dailies including the TOI (Times Of India) along with some other Tribune and other websites. She is also popularly known as the writer, author, and publisher of the three books on Politics analyst after analyzing everything about those issues, which usually catch the heat and turns everything into the controversy. But now, the issue behind the trend is going beyond the thinking of the people, who recently got acquainted with her and want to get the fact behind the limelight.

Who Is Saba Naqvi?

Saba Naqvi is a former political editor, author, journalist, and commentator even though she is holding a political analyst post as well. Her book, “Good Faith” which was published in 2012 got popular to the extent that her journey seems amazing and inspiring enough. But sometimes, this kind of celebrity of popular face stuck into the controversy as well, as she posted a quite controversial post on social media regarding Nupur Sharma which allegedly hurt religious sentiments. Therefore, uncounted started searching for her so that, they could not be ignorant of any crucial information about her.

It is being reported, that the concerned authorities have booked her after her statement started getting surfaced on social networking sites. Now, she is facing trouble behind the bars as many have filed complaints against her, therefore, appropriate actions are being taken by the concerned authorities. So here we have dropped a few vital information that has been derived from the other sources, and therefore, still, a few are pending to be unleashed. Hence, you will have to be patient ahead. As we are also looking forward to fetching more so that, we could deliver them to those who are keen to get about her.

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