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Who is Roxanne Bonocini?

The suspect’s mother, Roxanne Bononcini, said her son told her he had “violated” their neighbour.

Gino Anthony Bononcini, 29, was arrested Friday by Bexar County Sheriff’s Deputies in Texas. According to authorities, the attack took place on April 25.

According to a report, the suspect’s mother released a statement to investigators that involved her son.

Gino Anthony Bononcini, 29, was arrested Friday by Bexar County Sheriff’s Deputies in Texas.


The suspect’s mother, Roxanne Bononcini, said her son told her she had “raped” her neighbour.
The suspect’s mother, Roxanne Bononcini, said her son told her she “raped” her neighbor after breaking into her neighbor’s house through a window around 4 a.m., the San Antonio Express-News reported. . information.

The victim said she was sleeping on the sofa when she woke up to go to the bathroom. When she got up, she saw the suspect standing in the hallway.

The woman said she recognized the suspect as someone who was often at a neighbor’s house. Two weeks before the attack, the victim said she saw the suspect at a friend’s barbecue.

She asked the suspect: “Who’s there?” The victim only spoke Spanish, the documents show.

When she yelled “don’t kill me,” the suspect put his finger to his mouth and said, “shut up.”

The suspect went on to tell him to urinate in the toilet because he liked the sound. From there, he took the woman to bed and raped her, the woman told detectives.

According to his Facebook page, Bononcini is from San Antonio and works at the city’s Methodist Children’s Hospital.


A few days before the attack, Bononcini posted a meme touting the virtues of tantric s*x.

The suspect and his mother frequently exchanged memes with his mother on Facebook and made comments with smiley emojis.

In another post, Bonuncini wrote: “My only mom. Roxanne Rox.

In 2021, Bononcini posted a photoshopped photo on his Facebook page, with his mother writing: “I love it”, “You are so funny” and “This is funny”.

Beneath another photo, Bononcini’s mother wrote: “My first son. Proud of you.

The victim described the suspect to authorities as a thin man with short hair, tattoos on his chest and upper arm, in his 30s, and 5 feet 10 inches tall.

Bononcini was linked to crime through DNA swabs compared to crime scene evidence. The swab was ordered by a court on June 7. He was arrested as soon as the results came out, the sheriff said.

“It’s basically a one-in-69-billion chance that the DNA sample that we got comes back to us that this could be the suspect,” Sheriff Salazar said at a news conference.

He added: “The way he was abused…he seemed very, very comfortable.”

He also said they were asking other potential victims to come forward because of the nature of the sexual assault. “We felt it necessary to publish it (Bononcini’s arrest) in the hope that someone saw him hanging out nearby or knew of other attacks he may have been involved in,” the bailiff said.

In Texas, a first-degree sexual assault conviction carries a sentence of five years to life in prison.

Sexual assaults in San Antonio have more than doubled in the past 10 years, according to city statistics.

Gino Anthony Bononcini Fast and Facts

  • Gino Bononcini, 29, allegedly broke into a 68-year-old neighbour’s apartment late at night
  • Victim says she was forced to urinate before being raped
  • The woman told police she recognised the man who raped her at the barbecue two weeks ago.
  • Suspect’s mother says he ‘violated’ their neighbour
  • After the confession, the suspect’s mother went to the authorities immediately
  • In Facebook comments, Bononcini’s mother often refers to him as “first son”
  • First-degree sexual assault conviction in Texas carries life sentence

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