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Who is Rosalee Barnes?(David McCullough’s wife, Rosalee Ingram Barnes)Wiki, Bio, Age,Death,Husband,Spouse, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Rosalie Barnes Wiki

Rosalie Barnes Biography

Who is Rosalie Barnes?

Rosalie Barnes McCullough, wife of famed author David McCullough, passed away at home on June 9, 2022.

Her three children and her husband died a month later. Rosalie Barnes McCullough and David McCullough passed away just a month apart.

Who is Rosalie Barnes McCullough?

Rosalee Barnes McCullough passed away on June 9, 2022 at the age of 89.

According to her obituary in MV Times, she loved her husband, David McCullough, her five children and 13 grandchildren dearly.

husband’s career

Rosalie supports her husband’s writing career, often helping him at his home on Music Street in West Tisbury, Massachusetts.

“Everything my dad does for us as a family and as a country is part of a partnership,” her son Geoff McCullough told MV Times, adding, “It’s his job.”

Rosalie, the daughter of a politician, is used to being the center of attention.

When David’s writing career took off, she continued her expertise, and he wrote two Pulitzer Prize-winning biographies of the president, Truman (1992) and John Adams (2001).

“David used to say that Rosalie was the editor-in-chief of Mission Control and the chair of the ethics committee,” his family friend Matthew Stackpole told MV Times.

She “she’s very insightful, she doesn’t miss a thing, and she’s always focused.”


Rosalie died at her home in West Tisbury, Massachusetts, surrounded by her children. The cause of her death is unknown.

Her daughter, Dorie McCullough, remembers Rosalee as “…the star we were all channeled into” and says her mother shaped everything she became.

“She always knew how to make people’s lives better,” Dolly continued.

“She can feel what’s helpful and then quietly do it to make things better.”

Her obituary said it was her “her kindness, optimism, energy, humor, grace, strong and balanced mind, and love of conversation” that made her beloved by all. People who know her.

After Rosalie died, her family, friends and neighbors remembered her as a comforter in her community, always welcoming them with open arms.

David McCullough passed away on August 7, 2022, just a month after his wife passed away at home.

A former Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, he started as a writer for Sports Illustrated, then worked as a writer and editor, first for the U.S. News Agency in Washington, D.C., and then for the historical magazine American Heritage.

His career path changed after three years working on his first book, The Johnstown Flood, published in 1968.

The book focuses on the 1889 dam failure in Pennsylvania that killed more than 2,000 people.

When his book sold, David and Rosalie agreed that he would quit his day job and focus on writing historical fiction full-time.

Bob Gothard moved to the area after his child was born and remembers Rosalee fondly.

“She’s amazing,” Gorhard said. “She was David’s rock and anchor. She would put everything together for him…she was a constant. She was always there, always helpful and very kind.

She “was a great West Tisbury mother. She always had good things to say about everyone. A great soul.”

How did Rosalie and David McCullough meet?

Rosalie and David met in 1951 while visiting a friend in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She met David at a Rolling Stones Club dance when she was 18.

“My friend Cynthia Booth is from Pittsburgh, and when I visited her, she arranged for me to meet David,” Rosalie told Post-Gazette in 2001. “When I got home he started writing to me and that was all.

She continued: “I remember the first letter I got from him. It started with, “I’m not used to writing letters to young ladies…”

The couple married three years later and have five children together.

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