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Who Is Rong Liu? Daycare owner held for child abuse after she ‘pulled head and neck’ of 3-year-old boy

As per the latest reports, the owner and director of a Florida daycare school was arrested on Friday, August 19, 2022. Se was taken into custody after the officials found out about her abusing a child at the institution. The culprit has been identified as 51-year-old Rong Liu. It is reported that the deputies were investigating the case for two months and discovered that Liu was physically abusive to children in her care at Children’s Land of Imagination Academy in Odessa. Let us check further details of the matter in the article below.

According to the detectives, Liu tried to put a child down for a nap and went on to forcefully push and pull the head and neck of the victim with her hand. Releasing a statement in the case, the sheriff said that the woman was seen placing both of her legs across the top of the child’s body to try and hold him down. While she was abusing the child, the victim was seen crying and flailing their legs throughout the incident.

Let us mention that the first report of Liu being abusive to the children at her daycare was made to the police on June 20. Although the officials did not arrest her there and then, they started an investigation into the matter to find out if she is really to be blamed. After a two months-long investigation, they finally discovered that she has been abusive with the children and on that basis, the officials detained Rong Liu this Friday.

Reports confirm that the woman has been charged with one count of child abuse. According to the site of the Children’s Land of Imagination Academy, it is a family-owned company. The preschool states on its website that its philosophy is that they believe children deserve a safe, caring, challenging, and enriching environment where a child can feel valued and enjoy him/herself. Sources state that Kenneth Boggs and Kelly Autry enrolled their 3-year-old son at the care center in January.

After six months, the couple contacted the sheriff and named their son as a victim of abuse. Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister called the allegations sickening and added that investigators learned that Liu is known to treat her students roughly and harshly. The child’s parents learned the behavior from the abuse at the hands of Judy. For more updates on the matter, follow our site and get all the latest updates.

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