Who Is Rinaa Shah? India’s First Woman Polo Player Wiki Bio Age Instagram Explored

Hello, all the sports enthusiasts and other readers, as we all know that Polo is a popular sport. The famous horseback ball game is considered one of the older sports in the world. The game contained players divided into two teams with mallets looks like golf sticks and a small hard ball that has to be hit through the opposing team’s goal. Well, earlier it is being said that the sports are not for women as only men could play the game. Over the years things got changed and women also started involving in the game. But the game isn’t much popular in some countries. Get more information on India’s First Woman Polo Player: Rinaa Shah.

As we mentioned above that the game isn’t much popular in some countries including India and there are only a fewer of people who are interested in the game. Well, in such a situation an athlete named Rina Sinha become the first female Polo Player in India. The Polo player was 40 years of her age so far. It is said that she has broken the stereotype. Well, before this Rina was in love with footwear design.

Who Is Rinaa Shah?

Rina Shah is a modern woman with immense courage and a clever mind. She is often involved in some incredibly adventurous sports including skydiving, racing, driving, mountain climbing, and much more. She is getting appreciated for breaking stereotypes in the nation. Rina confessed she looks up to the creator and CEO of the beauty and lifestyle retail brand Nyka the popular Indian fashion retail e-commercial site. Well, Rina disclosed that she wanted to become an athlete when she was a child.

She further says that she didn’t get that support from the family. She continued and said that she just grabbed the opportunity at the 39 years of her age. She headed toward her goals and completed all of them in a sequence. She said that she moved heaven and earth to fulfil her dreams and even went to Argentina, England, and Santa Barbara to learn polo.

She said that the first match wherein she competed was held in Jodhpur wherein she launched her own team named RINALDI polo. She revealed in her statement. She said that she will take initiative to popularize some of the underrated professions in-country including Polo and DJ. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates.

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