Who Is Reggie Brown? Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Wife, Marriage

Reginald D. Brownalso known as Reggie Brown, is an Emmy Award-winning writer, performer, comedian, and similar to former U.S. President Barack Obama.

Reggie first gained international attention because of his controversial 2011 attendance at the GOP leadership summit, as well as his infrequent TV interviews and YouTube engagements.

Quick Facts

Celebration Name: Reggie Brown
Real/Full Name: Reginald D. Brown
gender: male
age: 41 years old
date of birth: September 28, 1980
place of birth: Maywood, Illinois, United States
Country of Citizenship: American
high: 1.8 meters
weight: 76 kg
Sexual Orientation: straight
marital status: single
Wife/Spouse (Name): Not applicable
Children/Children (Sons and Daughters): Do not
Date/Girlfriend (Name): Not applicable
Yes Reggie Brown gay? : Do not
Profession: Writer, Actor, Comedian
salary: Not applicable
Net worth in 2022: $5 million

Reggie Brown Biography

Reggie Brown Reginald Dennis Odell II was born on September 28, 1980, in Maywood, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, and is considered a Chicago native. Brown, like his favorite celebrity, former President Barack Obama, was born to a white mother and a black father.

Brown’s parents divorced when he was five, leaving his mother to raise Reggie and his older brother Lawrence alone. Brown’s mother married his stepfather, Lawrence Brown, when he was nine.

A year later, his stepfather was diagnosed with leukemia, starting a three-year battle with the disease. Brown was 13 when his stepfather died, leaving him and his brother to be raised by a single mother.

Before pursuing a modeling career, Brown was educated at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. After joining the Ford Modeling Agency, he took voiceover and acting classes at the Chicago Performance Studio.

Brown is also popular on social media, with over 23,000 followers on Instagram. He specifically noted in his resume that he was not a co-founder of Snapchat, and many were confused by the name similarity.

Reggie Brown Age, Height, Weight

Reggie Brown Born on September 28, 1980, 41 years old in 2022, 1.8m in height and 76kg in weight.

Reggie Brown
Reggie Brown


From 2006 to 2008, Brown covered local events as a blogger for the WMAQ-Street TV team. Brown’s list of accomplishments includes winning an Emmy. On September 9, 2008, he received the same award for his contribution to Looptopia Live’s coverage as a street team from the Chicago/Midwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in recognition of his contribution to Looptopia as part of the street team. Contributed by Live’s reporting.

Brown believes he first noticed his resemblance to President Barack Obama when he was 21, when he was still the state representative of Illinois. He has appeared several times on the Fox Business Network, where he began Brown’s career as a copycat. He also opened his speech on Stossel with a mock debate against Rep. Ron Paul. Brown caused a global uproar in June 2011 when GOP chairman Charlie Davis interrupted him during a nationally televised address.

Achievements and Awards

Reggie Brown is an Emmy-winning author known for his comic book style and impersonation of celebrities like Barack Obama. Other than that, he hasn’t won any notable awards during his career, but his contribution to the entertainment industry has been enormous.

Reggie Brown Net Worth 2022

Reggie Brown As of June 2022, he has a total net worth of around $5 million, most of which comes from his acting career. He also performs in live shows and gets paid handsomely. He is also considered one of the best imitators in the country and his fans love him.

Reggie Brown is a popular imitator from America. He is best known for portraying former US President Barack Obama, and his fans adore his impeccable comedic timing. Brown appeared in Obama’s Gangnam Style, a well-known YouTube parody of Psy’s hit Gangnam Style.

reggie brown wife, marriage

Reggie Brown Currently living in Los Angeles, California, USA. When NewsOne questioned Brown’s political affiliation, he declined to say whether he was a Democrat or a Republican, claiming he was just an “entertainer.” Reggie founded Outsmart Racism, a nonprofit dedicated to reversing and eradicating racist beliefs. Brown is currently single and has no plans to marry anytime soon. Therefore, he may be classified as a bachelor who is not yet married. He was also embroiled in a global controversy when he interrupted Charlie Davis during his speech, angering him in front of national television.

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