Who is Ravi Chaudhary first Indian to be named Assistant Secretary of US Air Force, biography, birth place, parents

The United States Senate has formally appointed Indian-American Ravi Chaudhary as Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Energy, Facilities and Environment, learn more about his biography, occupation, previous roles, place of birth and parents

Ravi Chaudhary, who won his new job on March 15 by a vote of 65 to 29, is now one of the Pentagon’s top civilian leaders.

Ravi Chaudhary, First Indian Appointed Assistant Secretary of the Air Force, Biography, Place of Birth and Parents

US Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) supported Chaudhary’s nomination for the role. Following his appointment, she issued a statement congratulating him on his achievement.

Klobuchar also briefly introduced Chaudhary and how he dreamed of serving the United States as an Air Force pilot. She also shared Choudhury’s decision to dedicate her career to public service.

Finally, she expressed her confidence in Chaudhary’s qualifications and experience for the role. Klobuchar revealed that she looks forward to working with Chadhary to support the men and women of the Air Force.

Ravi Chaudhary Biography and Career

Ravi Chaudhary, an Indian-American, was an active duty Air Force pilot for more than 20 years from 1993 to 2015. During his service, Choudhury performed numerous combat missions in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Chaudhary holds a Ph.D. in Executive Leadership and Innovation from Georgetown University’s DLS program, an MS in Industrial Engineering from St. Mary’s University, a graduate student at NASA, a MS in Combat Arts and Military Science from Aeronautical University, and a BA in Engineering from the U.S. Air Force Academy , a graduate of the Federal School of Administration, is certified by the Department of Defense in program management, testing and evaluation, and systems engineering.

Chaudhary, a military veteran who served as an Air Force pilot from 1993 to 2015, grew up in Fridley and is a Minnesota native who graduated from Columbia Heights High School. He spent five years at the Federal Aviation Administration, including in the Commercial Space Transportation Division.

The son of immigrant parents in Minnesota, Dr. Ravi Chaudhary dreamed of serving his country as an Air Force pilot.

After retiring from the army, Choudhury served as a senior officer in regional and center operations. He also spent five years with the Federal Aviation Administration’s Office of Commercial Spaces. During the Obama presidency, he appointed Ravi to serve on the president’s Asian American and Pacific Islander Advisory Council.

Ravi Chaudhary New Role Responsibilities

As Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Energy, Facilities and Environment, Ravi Chaudhary will now be responsible for Air Force sustainability and operational readiness.

This role includes tasks such as developing facility and base strategies. He is also responsible for ensuring the quality of military housing.

Chaudhary’s appointment as Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Energy, Facilities and Environment is a milestone for the Indian-American community. Chaudhary’s achievement underscores the growing role of Indian-Americans in U.S. government. It also shows the level of Indian-American contribution to public service.

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