Who Is Police Officer Jeann Lugo? Providence Officer Accused Of Punching Woman At Abortion Protest

Who is Police Officer Jean Lugo?Providence officer accused of assaulting woman at abortion protest, #Police #Officer #Jeann #Lugo #Providence #Officer #Accused #Punching #Woman #Abortion #Protest Welcome to 50 Mind BlogHere is our latest breaking news and trending broadcast for you today: :

The name Jeann Lugo has been running around on social media and media lately, and the name has been causing a lot of buzz lately. In today’s article, we’re going to tell you all about Jeann Lugo and why he’s buzzing everywhere. Jeann Lugo is a former Rhode Island police officer. He has been in the headlines lately for all the negative and wrong reasons. The former police officer is accused of assaulting a female Democratic candidate during ongoing protests against abortion rights. It was reported that the accused Jean Lugo was off work during the beating of the Democratic nominee.

Who Is Police Officer Jeann Lugo? Providence Officer Accused Of Punching Woman At Abortion Protest

The victim of the beating was Democratic state Senate candidate Jennifer Locke, who is also the president of the Rhode Island Political Co-op. Jennifer Rock took it to Twitter and posted a video of her being attacked by officer Jean Lugo. She accused Jean Lugo of hitting her in the face during a protest march. Jean Lugo has also been running for Republican office. Jennifer wrote on her Twitter that her Republican opponent violently attacked her during yesterday’s March protests.

Who is Police Officer Jean Lugo?

She further went on to write that this is a black woman running for office. Jennifer also wrote that such an attack on her would not break her. She also said she would not give up even after the attack. According to multiple media reports, Jane has not denied punching and kicking the Democratic candidate, but he has clarified that it happened very quickly. He further clarified himself and said he jumped into the protest to save a man who was attacked by protesters.

Janet, however, did not comment immediately after the incident. Some time later, he made comments on the allegations of attacks. Jennifer has said she never met or interacted with Lugo, and she didn’t even know he would be there. She also said she was very disappointed that he had chosen a violent approach. Jennifer further went on to say that Lugo was a police officer who was trained for de-escalation, but what he did was the exact opposite of what he was trained to do as a police officer.

According to further reports, Jean Lugo announced that he will not run for office this fall. Jean made the announcement on his official Twitter account. The report further claimed that Jean Lugo, who was accused of assaulting Jennifer, was also fired. Netizens slammed him on social media and criticized his behavior towards Jennifer. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information, stay tuned to us.

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