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Who Is Phoolan Devi, A Widow Who Pursued Dancing Despite Societal Judgement

Discrimination is one of the ugly truths of society, many people from different places are still discriminating against each other in different aspects. Along with that some places, people even judge widows which is completely wrong but even after facing all the odds, some women fulfil all the responsibilities of their families. Phoolan Devi belonged to Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh, India is among those courageous women who emerged as the only bread earner of her household. Phoolan Devi is carrying the bucket for her family after her husband’s sudden demise. Get more information on who is Phoolan Devi, a performing artist from Chitrakoot.

Women always play a crucial role when it comes to looking after their family, they even go to any extent to fulfilling the dreams of their families. Phoolan Devi is also such a kind of woman performing all the duties for her family and passing all the hurdles that come her way. Devi was in a tighter corner after her husband’s death and she has a family to feed. She then decided to become a performing artist to take care of her family. Society’s judgemental mindset didn’t fail to stop her.

As far as we are concerned the early life of the inspiring woman, she got married back in 2008 and was soon blessed with kids. They are living in a happy place along with her family but destiny has some other plans for the woman. After just four years of her marriage, her husband passed away leaving some massive responsibilities on the shoulder of her better half. Devi was devastated at the time her husband died but still has small kids to raise. She initially worked as a labour and other odd jobs but the income wasn’t enough.

She learnt about performing artists from somewhere and decided to involve in it. She started dancing and singing at parties and occasion and she received enough money to run her household. It wasn’t easy for her at all in the beginning but just for her family, she had to do this. She hesitates to perform in front of a crowd but she overcome her stage fear and emerged as a professional dancer and singer in 2015.

At the time she faced society who was against her and criticize Devi for her profession but she didn’t let them affect her and now she has become an Internet sensation. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and updates.

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