Who Is Nylo Lattimore? Father Attacks Man Accused Of Killing His Son Video Viral On Social Media!

We are still wondering how one person could easily kill another. How could a murderer have so much courage to take a person’s life? One such incident occurred recently and was captured on video. Nylo Lattimore’s father assaulted a man accused of killing his son at a court hearing, according to new reports. The video is currently circulating on social media and has attracted a lot of attention. Several people reacted differently to the video, and those who haven’t seen it want to have it. This article covers the news of the entire episode, so read on from beginning to end. According to the latest report, the court hearing turned vicious on Thursday, June 24, 2022, when the man accused of stabbing a mother to death not only threw her child into the Ohio River, but was also severely hobbled by a Toddler’s father attacked. The spirit is affected by this. Follow our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates! ! ! ! ! !

Video of father attacking man accused of killing son

Who is Nilo Lattimore?

The father, heartbroken by the deaths of his wife and son, wanted justice but he seemed unable to contain his anger and allegedly attacked the accused. The entire incident has been recorded on video, which is currently circulating online. The defendant, named Desean Brown, who is facing charges in the deaths of Nyteisha Lattimore and Nylo Lattimore, filed a motion in court for a hearing on whether the assassination of Nyteisha and Nylo Lattimore gave police tape-recorded confessions. will be allowed as evidence. The judge who is hearing the case ruled that a court trial would allow it.

Video of father attacking man accused of killing son

Brown’s hearing had just ended when Nilo Lattimore’s father walked up to the accused and beat Brown in a row. The father, named Tonio Hughes, was attacking the accused and was immediately pinned to the ground by two police officers who asked the court judge to press the panic button for more support. Tonio was caught by police, but before the accused left the courtroom, he stood up and tried to break free from police restraints.

After reading Hughes’ violations, Judge Meghan Shanahan found Hughes violated court rules and was sentenced to seven days in prison. Brown’s next court date will be August 29, 2022. Nyteisha Lattimore, 29, was stabbed at a Walnut Hill apartment on December 5, 2020, prosecutors said. Her body was found by the river.

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