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Who is Nickolas Porter? (Three charged after NYPD releases video of brutal beatdown that killed NYC cabbie Kutin Gyimah)Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

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Who is Nicholas Potter?

Two men and a teenage girl turned themselves in to police and were charged Thursday in connection with the brutal beating to death of Queens cab driver Kutin Gyimah, police said, as new video of the deadly attack surfaced.

Austin Amos and Nickolas Porter, 20, turned themselves in to police Wednesday night at the Queens 101 Precinct, allegedly skipping taxi fares and fatally beating Gyimah after chasing their money Thursday morning. Saturday.

Porter was charged with gang assault and burglary duty, while Amos was charged with larceny duty, assault, gang assault and manslaughter, allegedly in the final blow that killed father-of-four Gyimah, 52 .


Abigail Barwuah joins her family in mourning the death of her husband.
Matthew McDermott
A 15-year-old girl wanted for the deadly attack also turned herself in late Thursday. She was charged with gang assault and theft of services. Two other suspects, also believed to be teenagers, remain wanted in connection with the incident, police said.

“My husband was a good man. He was everything we had…he was the only person I looked up to, and now his life has been cut short,” said Gemma’s wife, Abigail Barwa ( Abigail Barwuah said at a news conference at her home on Thursday.


Barwuah added that she was “pleased” that two of the five suspects charged with assaulting her husband to death had been arrested and that she had a message for the three who were still at large.

“I told them to turn themselves in because they would catch them,” he said. “Wherever they are, even if they are not caught, God will bring them.”

The mother-of-four is keeping a close eye on the case along with her and Gyimah’s younger children and the head of the taxi union, Fernando Mateo.

“It’s hard to understand why five young men attacked an older man to take his money instead of paying his ticket and killing him,” Mateo told reporters. “We have all seen the brutal video of the brutal attack on Kutin and it has left a deep impression on all of us.”

Amos and Porter were among five taxi passengers who allegedly attacked Gyimah around 6.30am on Saturday.


Gyimah chased the group down the street and when he caught up with them they started kicking and beating him, startling footage shows.

The clip shows the young men and women beating up Gemma, who has fallen to the ground. As four of the five began to walk away, one of the suspects, believed to be Amos, walked up to Gemma and delivered a devastating final blow.

Gyimah tried to block the attacker with his hands up, but he was thrown onto the pavement, where he hit his head and stopped moving.

He was taken to St John’s Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Mateo said Thursday that Gemma’s family felt sorry for the five suspects.

“They are five children under the age of 20 who will spend the rest of their lives participating in the murder of Kutin Gyimah,” the union representative said. “Their and their family’s lives have also changed. So this family is so noble that not only do they not hate, they are These kids pray.”

Mateo asked Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz to “do her job” and prosecute all murder suspects as adults “because they were adults when they put Cutin on the ground They didn’t think twice, beat him, kicked him.” And finally killed him. him,” she said.

“So even if they were children, they should pay for the crimes they committed,” Matteo added.

The New York State Taxi Drivers Association is offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

Gyimah leaves behind his wife Abigail and his children aged 3, 5, 7 and 8.

During the news conference, Abigail cried hysterically, describing her husband as her “backbone” who loved her job and lived the life of a law-abiding citizen and man of faith.

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