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Who is Nerice Moyce?(Pregnant woman says she found a knife in her Subway sandwich order) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Nerice Moyce Wiki

Neris Moyes Biography

Who is Neris Moyes?

Nerice Moyce, a 21-year-old woman from Suffolk, England, said she ordered delivery from a nearby subway two Sundays ago and found some when she picked up her tuna sandwich. something suspicious.

Moyce, 17 weeks pregnant, was horrified to find a large knife directly under the sandwich.

“I was with my partner and we were hungry. I’m pregnant now and I’m always craving so my partner took her phone and ordered the subway,” she told Mercury in Great Yarmouth. “I just opened it up and said ‘Wait, what?’ We all sat there in shock.”

“My partner called Subway on Gorleston High Street and asked ‘Did you lose a yellow knife? He was like ‘Wait. Are you serious, serious?'” he recalled.

facebook page

Moyes posted a video of the subway order on her Facebook page. In the video, she holds up her food to reveal a giant knife sticking out from under the sandwich. Her Facebook friends were quick to point out how dangerous the situation could be.

“Luckily you didn’t cut yourself!” Xanthe Staddon exclaimed.

“How many other people found irresponsible and dangerous [knives] Don’t take anything from them under their food,” Gillock wrote.

Moyes was happy no one was hurt and wondered what would have happened when the knife fell into the wrong hands.

“I immediately said, ‘Imagine if a kid or teen found it.’ I’m glad it found me,” she said.

Moyes said Subway had not apologized and the knife was still at her house. She told Mercury Great Yarmouth that she had received a message from Subway’s Instagram account saying they would be in touch with the restaurant and would get back to her within the next few days. The Post has contacted Subway for comment.

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