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Who Is Michael Jennings? Black Pastor Files Lawsuit Against Cops Wiki Biography

A weird incident took place in Childersburg, Alabama when a black pastor named Michael Jennings was detained by the police authority in the month of May of the ongoing year. He was apprehended by law enforcement when they received a complaint on 911 that informed a weird man and vehicle on the property standing outside his neighbour’s yard. However, the neighbour complained about the man even after knowing his unharmful intentions. The news of arresting the pastor spread all over the Internet and netizens are keen to learn more about the incident. Get more information on Black Pastor Michael Jennings arrested for watering neighbours’ garden.

According to the latest reports, the police officers approached the pastor for arrest.  later realize that the person who reported the complaint on 911 didn’t recognize him as the culprit. However, the pastor gets embarrassed by the incident and now decided to file a lawsuit against the police department for arresting him for racial discrimination and didn’t allow him his rights at the time. A video was captured by the officials through bodycam surrounding all over the Internet.

As far as the video gets concerned, the video is showing that Alabama described, Jennings, chuckling in mistrust and stating, “Y’all racially profiled me.” After his words, an unidentified police officer replied that they aren’t doing what he is thinking but the pastor denied it and said you exactly did the same. The officer again replied politely that “No sir, no sir. We’re not about that okay?” The video makes it completely clear that the police officers were arresting the pastor and he was trying to explain that he was just watering the garden of his neighbour. After this statement, another police officer said that how could they believe that he is saying the truth?

In addition to this, the bodycam video further shows that the three cops are yelling at the pastor to show his identification. But when the police officers investigated the pastor a lady who lives next door comes in the favour of the father and said that he lives there to which the officers replied if he has the right to water their flowers.

The lady then responds that he might have as they are friends they owner of the household went out of the town and because of this he was watering the flowers. The lady accepted that is most likely my fault. We will get back to you with more information till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.

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