Who Is Max Pham Nguyen? His Age, Height, Parents, Dance 100

You may have heard about Max Pham Nguyen dating Jessie J.Well, after their breakup, he faded out of the spotlight for a while, only appearing as one of the contestants on Netflix’s show dance 100.

This Max Pham Nguyen Bio is all about him.

Max Pham Nguyen on Netflix’s Dance 100

netflix dance 100 The show premiered on March 17, 2023, and eight choreographers competed for a $100,000 cash prize.As for the misleading “100” in the title, it refers to 100 dancers who dance to some very complex routines while judging the choreography

Our star Max Pham Nguyen, one of these choreographers, quit the show early on. He could only choreograph a few routines for 7-14 dancers before they decided to eliminate him.

On the other hand, his partners Keenan Cooks and Brandi Chun were in the finals where they were asked to prepare a routine for 50 dancers and a routine for all 100 members of the Dance 100 crew. Before Keenan finally lost to Brandi Chun, both participants knew the stakes were high and they gave it their all.

Other attendees who went home empty-handed with Max were Akira Armstrong, Celine Edmonson, Janick Areseneau, Rex Kline and Rudy Garcia.

What is the net worth of Max Pham Nguyen?

As of 2023, Max Pham Nguyen has a net worth of over $450 thousand.

The talented dancer started his career in June 2009 as a choreographer, action entertainment choreographer, dancer and director.Presented at Armada ID, Miss Teen Idaho, ID21 Awards, Special Olympics ’09, Choreographer’s Fiesta – August 2013, Boise State Shadow Show, U of I, iAmFusion Awards Show ’13 and Pattcasso: The Black Affair ’12 & ’13, and then he joined Bloc Talent Agency January 2014.

Bloc Talent Agency It’s also where his partner Keenan Cooks works.

In addition to his live/stage performances, Max has worked on TV shows and films such as Beachbody Fitness DVD P90, Kohl’s “Share Pink”, St. Lukes’s Hospital and Hewlett Packard.

Additionally, as a choreographer, he has worked with such luminaries as Ariana Grande, Justin Timberlake, Millie, Meg Donnelly, and Iriana.

If you are looking for classes, you can find him at the Millennium Dance Complex, Studio C Dance Academy, Elevated Dance Project, Meridian Stars Dance, Dance Center, Vibe Center for the Performing Arts, University of Idaho, and Boise State University.

As for his qualifications, he has been trained by Urban Legends LA, Marty Kudelka, David Moore, Joaquin Escamilla, Jen Parsons, Miguel Zarate, Karon Lynn, Movement Lifestyle Tour LA, Kevin Maher, Anthony Thomas and Groovaloos.

His specialties include Partnering, Popping, Locking, Bboying, House Dance, Lofting, Tutting, Waves, Hip Hop, Jazz, Stepping, Isolations, Tricking, Tap

Moreover, he is a idaho college 2013 graduates.

Max Pham Nguyen Age

Max Pham Nguyen was 32 years old when he appeared dance 100 2023.

Who are Max Pham Nguyen’s parents?

Max Pham Nguyen’s parents are Nancy and Bruce H Nguyen.

Sadly, Max’s father never supported his dance career. “You didn’t mean to, I’ve given up and my friends at work asked how my son was doing. I’m fucking embarrassed to tell them I’m embarrassed for you. By now you should be able to afford your own Cars, insurance, gas and food, and own your own home. You should make enough money to live on your own. All this dancing shit is getting you nowhere. Go upstairs and think about what I said, “those are Max remembers What his father told him. He even recorded it on audio.

“What’s the definition of a parent? Someone who sticks together and loves his own flesh and blood, right? Welcome to Max Nguyen’s life. I need help…someone, please help me,” Max wrote when he was 19.

Max’s mother, on the other hand, is his world. He often featured her in IG photos of their vacation trips.

Nancy and Bruce celebrate their 54th and 58th birthdays in 2023.

As for Max’s siblings, he has a 4-year-old brother named Michael P Nguyen. He is married to Jesica Nguyen (a California native) and they have 2 children.

Fun fact: During one of his presentations, Max’s dad did a handstand to represent “break dancing” and he fell over!

Max Pham Nguyen Girlfriend

Max Pham Nguyen is officially dating girlfriend Jessie J from March 2021 to October 2021. When Jessie first shared the good news, she captioned Max on her IG, “Makes me look like an old man with a boat, basically Lord Farquards daddy with an old haircut. 😂😂”

Jessie was also the one who broke the news of their breakup in an IG Q&A. “[I’m]open, happy and loving myself. Max and I have been friends for a while. We both love and respect each other so much. It’s just not romantic. So we both decided it was friends,” the singer wrote road.

Plus, Jesse added, “I hate how much other people can break you up. We’re all happy, living our lives, and loving our lives.”

Jesse has since continued dating Chanan Safir Colman (professional basketball player) in early 2022.

Max, on the other hand, no longer shares his love life.

Max Pham Nguyen Height

Max Pham Nguyen is 5’9″ (175 cm).

Referring to his distinctive features, Max has brown eyes, black hair, a sharp jaw, tattoos on his hands and arms, and a healthy body.

Related FAQs

  • What is the nationality of Max Pham Nguyen?

Max Pham is an American from Irving, Texas. But now, he is a resident of Los Angeles, California.

  • Is Max Pham Nguyen on Instagram?

Find him on Instagram @max__pham.

Also, here is his Facebook @Max Pham Nguyen and Youku @Max Pham Nguyen.

  • When is Max Pham Nguyen’s birthday?

Max celebrates his birthday on June 30th and is a Cancer.

On his 29th birthday, he wrote on his IG, “Another trip around ☀️ I am grateful for every day, but nice to have an excuse to share a little extra love with those closest to you.”

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