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Who Is Maria Elena Holly? Wiki, Age, Height, Husband, Net Worth, Ethnicity

Maria Elena A businesswoman from the United States who manages the Buddy-Holy Educational Foundation. She is best known as the wife and widow of rock star Buddy Hawley. After her husband died, she remarried and had three children. She still owns the rights to her husband’s image, trademark, name and any other intellectual property. After her autobiography was published, she sued Peggy Sue Jaylen. She is known for her seriousness in defending her husband’s music, image and legacy from greedy promoters and music labels.

Quick Facts

Celebration Name: Maria Elena Holly
Real/Full Name: Maria Elena Santiago
gender: female
age: 89 years old
date of birth: 20th December 1932
place of birth: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Country of Citizenship: Puerto Rican American
high: 1.58m
weight: 68kg
Sexual Orientation: straight
marital status: divorce
Husband/Spouse (Name): Buddy Hawley (born 1958, died 1959) Joe Diaz (born 1963, divorced)
Children/Children (Sons and Daughters): Yes
Date/Boyfriend (Name): Not applicable
Is Maria Elena Holly a lesbian? Do not
Profession: businesswoman
salary: Not applicable
Net worth in 2022: $24 million

Maria Elena Holly Biography

Maria Elena Santiago Born December 20, 1932 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She later moved to New York City to live with her aunt, Prove Garcia. Her mother died in 1935, and her father persuaded her to live with her aunt. Her first job was as a receptionist at music publisher Peermusic. Here she met Buddy Hawley, who would become her beloved husband, in 1957.

Buddy and his team are on their way to meet owner Murray Deutch in San Diego. Buddy asked her out the day before recording the single Early In The Morning. It was her first date and she had to get her aunt Garcia’s permission. Buddy proposed to her within five hours of their first date, so it was love at first sight for them.

Maria Elena Holly Age, Height, Weight

Maria Elena Holly Born December 20, 1932, 89 years old in 2022. Height 1.58m, weight 68kg.

Maria Elena Holly
Maria Elena Holly


After her husband died, Maria went underground for a few years because she just wanted to leave everything behind. After marrying her second husband, he persuaded her to honor Buddy by telling her story and protecting his late husband’s name.

She spends her time protecting her husband’s work from piracy and exploiting record labels. Her responsibilities include negotiating licensing agreements with people who wish to use Buddy’s music or images. Many people accused her of being greedy, but she just wanted to make a fortune in Buddy’s name.

Maria Elena Holly Achievements and Awards

Maria is purely a businesswoman whose sole purpose is to protect Buddy’s license and sign agreements with entities that want to use his images or music. Maria was not nominated for an award. Without her husband’s fame, she may not be known, because without Buddy’s name, she has no public name.

Maria Elena Holly Net Worth in 2022

Since Buddy’s death, she has been responsible for all rights to his image, music and other properties. Buddy’s name grew after his death, and many record labels were eager to produce some of his yet-to-be-recorded songs. After winning the rights to everything Buddy had, it became Maria’s job. Maria Elena Holly has a net worth of around $24 million as of July 2022.

After his wife’s death, Maria did not attend his funeral, nor has she been to his cemetery since he was buried in 1959. She blamed herself and the music for her husband’s death, and it took her years to listen to his music again. She claimed it was the only time she wasn’t with her husband, and if she had been there, she could have prevented Buddy from boarding that plane.

Maria Elena Holly husband, marriage

After Buddy proposed to her, they got married almost immediately as they matched in Buddy’s hometown of Lubbock, Texas. After his band Buddy and The Crickets broke up, they lived in Lubbock and then moved to New York. The two worked together during Buddy’s music career, with Maria in charge of publicity before starting the publishing company. Maria’s first work as a producer was the song “Stay Close To Me”.

Buddy and his two friends, The Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens, embarked on a musical journey in early 1959, but they never returned, both being killed in a plane crash on February 3, 1959. Maria learned of her husband’s death report on TV. As a result of the shock of the news, she miscarried, although no one at the time confirmed she was pregnant. Authorities later enacted legislation requiring the names of victims to be revealed only after families were notified.

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