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Who is Kyle John Sheldon? (Meth addict who killed three people on the road in two years)Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Kyle John Shelton Wiki

Kyle John Shelton Biography

Who is Kyle John Shelton?

In 2009, Gold Coast man Kyle John Sheldon, 34, killed motorcyclist Peter McGregor after he veered to the wrong side while drunk.

In 2011, he robbed an IGA supermarket and crashed a Volkswagen Golf into a parked truck, killing two of his best friends, Zachary De Palma and Jeremy Booth.

Shelton was jailed for 14 years for the two incidents before being paroled in November 2017.

The 34-year-old applied to the District Court to have the decision to disqualify him from driving for life reversed.

He made the statement despite admitting to being arrested on steroids and cocaine since his release and being a “severe” methamphetamine addict, the Courier-Mail reported.

In his application, Sheldon said he got a job with a formwork company in Brisbane after he was released from prison.

He was forced to ride a bike or skateboard, take a train or taxi, and rely on his friends and family for rides to work.

Sheldon said he started his own business, but his lack of independence had started to affect his wife, who had to take him to meet clients.

“The reality is that I need my license so I can take part in pest control work and meet potential and future clients,” he said.

“If I couldn’t drive, I wouldn’t be able to build this business and support my family.”

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