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A quite weird and had never been heard before incident took place in the Gujrat state of India. The incident is grabbing enormous attention across the nation and spreading on the Internet like wildfire on the Internet. As per the reports a citizen of Vadodara, Gujrat named Kshama Bindu a Hindu girl married herself with complete pomp and show. The videos and pictures of her marriage are circulating all over the Internet making netizens keen to learn more about her. Get more information on Kshama Bindu and the reasons she is marrying herself.

According to the reports, Kshama Bindu even released a statement wherein that hears “I am very happy to finally be a married woman. The 24 years old woman adores herself in a red bridal dress and looked adorable filled vermillion in her hairline by herself and completed seven vows with herself. She even put a wedding chain on her neck. However, her relatives seem completely agree with the bride and seemingly enjoy the wedding dancing along with the bride. But the news is quite shocking for other people.

Kshama Bindu married herself on Wednesday 8 June 2022 and since she is trending on the Internet for marrying herself. Initially, she decided to schedule her marriage for 11th June 2022 but later she preponed her marriage and the big day came on 8th June, Wednesday. The marriage contained all the rituals including ‘Varmala’, ‘Saath Phere’, ‘Sindoor’, and ‘Manglasutra’ except the groom and the priest.

Another reason she preponed her wedding was to avoid any kind of controversy and she received immense fame after the announcement of her wedding. Her popularity experienced growth and she become social media celebrity all of the sudden. She even organized Sangeet and Mehandi as pre-wedding rituals performed during the early wedding.

The complete 40 minutes of married have been recorded, and the images of her marriage posted on social media. In some of her videos, her relatives are dancing along with her while in some other images her friends showering flowers on her. As per another statement she wanted to get married in a temple but she had to change the venue of her wedding at the last moment.

She even spoke all the seven vows and promised that she will keep herself happy in any situation. Her friend appreciated her for taking such a kind decision that she loved to marry herself instead of becoming someone’s wife. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest reports.

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