Who Is Kimora Hodges? Michigan Babysitter Charged With Murder In Death Of Toddler

Kimora Hodges, lately this name has been creating massive buzzes on social media and making a lot of headlines in news. So you all must be wondering who is she and why is she buzzing all over, so in today’s article we will tell you all about Kimora Hodges. Stay tuned until the end of this article to know all about her. Kimora Hodges is a babysitter from Michigan and recently she has been charged with killing a 23-month-old baby. Kimora Hodges is 21 years old currently.

According to the local media reports, Kimora was babysitting the toddler on 13 June and she abused the toddler in babies apartment located in Roseville Michigan. The toddler was hurt and Kimora spoke to the mother of the toddler and said that the baby has developed an allergy. Kimora further explained to the mother of the toddler that the baby has developed an allergy after he consumed the soap probably. The mother of the baby has been identified as Tanya Starks. Tanya stated that she ran to Kimora’s residence after her baby was getting seizure attacks.

Who Is Kimora Hodges?

Tanya Later rushed her baby to the hospital. In the hospital, it was confirmed by the medical staff after the tests that the baby hasn’t developed any allergies. Later the autopsy reports have stated an opposite report, from the claims of the babysitter Kimora Hodges. The autopsy reports of the toddler have claimed that the baby was being hit badly and thus the baby couldn’t survive.

The baby breathed his last on Wednesday. The toddler was hit hard and thus those injuries are the cause of his unfortunate demise, according to the reports from the local media outlets. The 21 years old babysitter Kimora Hodges has been charged with killing the toddler baby of just 23 months old. According to further reports, Kimora has been sent to Macomb County Jail without a bond amount currently.

Police reports have claimed that, when the police officials arrived to question the babysitter Kimora, she was terrified, although she claimed that the baby has suffered from allergies, when the autopsy reports came, the case took a different turn. Although, according to the latest reports, Kimora has accepted some of the allegations in this case. Kimora may be served with life imprisonment if she is found guilty of the baby’s brutal killing. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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