Who Is Keenan Cooks? His Age, Partner, Height, Dance 100

Keenan Cooks has been dancing professionally for over 15 years. He also choreographed for A-list celebrities such as Cardi B, David Guetta, J Balvin, Bebe Rexha, Meek Mill and Yo Gotti.So when dance 100 Released in the spring of 2023, they have to make him one of the competitors.

This Keenan Cooks Bio explores more of his life.

Keenan as chef on Netflix’s Dance 100

netflix dance 100 Doesn’t sound like it. Yes, there is dancing! But it’s not 100 dancers who are being judged. Instead, these talented dancers judge some very complex routines as eight choreographers battle it out for the chance to win $100,000. Our star Keenan Cooks is one of the finalist choreographers.

Keenan started his dance 100 Vigorous journeys prepare routines for 7 and 14 dancers respectively. After reaching the penultimate round, Keenan and his fellow choreographers were tasked with a dance in which they had to draw inspiration from an allotted decade. Luckily, Keenan had the opportunity to pay homage to the 1970s, as he filled a brightly colored stage with captivating music in the lounge.

Then, in the next dance, Keenan was asked to tell a story based on the “Night Under the Stars” narrative. So he choreographed a romantic and unforgettable performance in which the two dancers reveal their love story. Everyone in the audience felt the connection between the two dancers, and Keenan made it to the final.

For his final assignment, Keenan had to prepare a routine for 50 dancers and a routine for all 100 members of the Dance 100 crew. Knowing the stakes are high, he goes to great lengths to ensure the audience is captivated by the show. Unfortunately, Keenan lost to Brandychun.

Where is Keenan Cooks today?

Today, Keenan Cooks is more successful than ever as a dancer and choreographer.like his fame dance 100 The season one runner-up helped him amass a loyal fan base and the attention of a star-studded celebrity.

As of this writing, Keenan is working on Bloc Talent Agency and dance teacher Broadway Dance Center. In addition, he worked as a dance teacher Peridance Center and Steps on Broadway.

In addition, thanks to his work, the choreographer has had the opportunity to travel to countries such as Japan, Korea, China, Germany, Paris, Argentina, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Switzerland and Italy.

What is the Net Worth of Chef Keenan?

As of 2023, Keenan Cooks has a net worth of over $500,000.

Keenan is a skilled dancer and dance teacher who has been studying dance since he was 14 years old. At 16, he was already Nia Dance Company Where he first began his professional training. In 2008, Keenan moved to New York City to pursue a dance major. Before he knew it, he was working with fantastic choreographers like Rhapsody James, Laurie Ann Gibson, Luam, Kyle Hanagami, and more.

Additionally, he has had the opportunity to collaborate with artists such as Big Sean, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Ne-Yo, Flo-Rida, Kendrick Lamar, Prince Royce, Hailee Steinfeld, Halsey, and Dua Lipa.

You may also see him dancing on Saturday Night Live, America’s Got Talent, The Today Show, Good Morning America and the MTV Video Music Awards.

After completing his bachelor’s degree Marymount Manhattan CollegeAfterwards, Keenan also joined one of the most popular studios in New York City Broadway Dance Center year 2013. He’s even working there in 2023.

If you are interested in taking his class, find him at “keenancooks.com” to book online. Dance classes are held at the Broadway Dance Center Monday through Friday from 5:30pm to 7:00pm.

keenan chef age

Keenan Cooks was 31 years old dance 100 2023.

Who are Keenan Cooks’ parents?

Keenan Cooks shared his parental love. He loves his mother, Gina Wright, to the moon, but his father, not so much. He even called his dad “Rogue Daddy” in a tweet.

Keenan, on the other hand, recently took his mother on a trip to Miami to celebrate her 50th birthday in November 2022. recall.

His mother, Gena, is the founder and president of Rosalie’s GrandDaughters extend a loving hand. She married Donyel Wright (Keenan’s stepfather) in November 2018.

As for Keenan’s siblings, he has an older sister named Kelis who turns 21 on August 15, 2022.

Also, he has a stepbrother.

Keenan Chef Height

Keenan Cooks is under 5’7″ (170cm) and he hates it!

His distinguishing features include – black hair, brown eyes and a toned body.

Keenan Chef Partners

Keenan Cooks is openly gay and has been in a relationship with his partner Marvin since 2020. However, he hid his man on social media because he believed the relationship would stay “stronger!”

Before Marvin, the choreographer had multiple relationships—none as healthy as he is now.

“If someone had told me 2 years ago that I was finally in a healthy relationship, I would have laughed at their ass! And ran away… because your boys are done with their gays,” he explained.

Related FAQs

  • Where is Chef Keenan from?

Keenan is from Boston, Massachusetts.

He moved to New York in 2008 and has lived there ever since.

  • Is Keenan Cooks on Instagram and Facebook?

Find him on Instagram @ayokinanYouTube @Keenan Cookand Twitter @ayokinan.

Also, here is his Facebook account @Keenan Cooks dance (professional) and @callmekcookz (private).

  • When is Chef Keenan’s birthday?

Keenan received his birthday wishes on August 22nd and he is a Leo.

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