Who Is Josué Villanueva? His Age, Job, Married

Josué Villanueva is a parkour athlete.So, you might think that crossing this Law of the Jungle The world is easier for him. But the show isn’t just about completing challenges. Participants must also survive multiple purges and betrayals by their teammates – something Josue is well prepared for.

This Josué Villanueva Bio contains everything you need to know about this victor.

Josué Villanueva on Netflix’s Law of the Jungle

Netflix’s brand new show, Law of the Jungle Dropping on March 15, 2023, it saw the two competing teams dumped in the remote Colombian jungle where they faced off for 2 million pesos.

Our star, Josué, was originally part of the Blue Team, which included his teammates César Morales, John Guts, Layla Neri, Leslie Gallardo, and Sandy Padilla. He quickly became one of the strongest players on the team and was sent along with John and Sandy for the first purge of the season.

Fortunately, he survived the purge and returned to the team to lead them to victory in the second challenge. So after five rounds, he and Leslie were the only remaining members of their camp, forced to join the Orange for the remainder of the season.

He has since limited his interactions with one-time opponents — something many have admitted to so much that they want to see him in the final and are willing to risk elimination for it.

So for the sixth purge, his teammates assured him he wouldn’t be picked. But even when they did, Josue ensured his safe passage by letting everyone know that he had agreed to sabotage the mission in order not to be sent to the knockout round.

However, after Josue and the rest of the cast decided to take part in the final challenge as a group of five and win, it was revealed that Josue never agreed to take money spoils. That means, he was able to take home 247,000 pesos.

On the other hand, Gina, Adrian, and Leslie took away P247,000, P327,000, and P297,000, respectively.

Where is Josué Villanueva today?

after winning Law of the Jungle, Josué Villanueva returns to his life today as a professional parkour athlete and trainer. In fact, he seems to have stepped up his game with a confident steer.

Plus, he emerges from the show smarter and stronger.

josue villanueva age

Josué Villanueva was 28 when he starred Law of the Jungle 2023.

However, he was still a year younger when he filmed the show.

did you know: Josué’s full name is Josue Adrian Villanueva Gonzalez.

Josue Villanueva Job

Josué Villanueva is a parkour athlete and trainer, as well as a circus artist. He even uses his flexibility as a dance form to perform on stage.Back in 2017, he even danced to the song “The Believer” belly horror night Event at the Zapopan Cultural Center.

According to Josué, he first discovered parkour through some friends and by searching the internet. He has since practiced extensively, during which he even dislocated his shoulder (his first serious injury) when he slipped backwards on a jack press. No wonder, he imagined that he had the power of rebirth.

Therefore, the most difficult movement for him to master is the backflip. Now, he starts to do Monkey gainer!

“Parkour means to me the code that marks my life – to seek growth in all aspects, to seek the best of myself, there is no one choice, even though I sound weird, parkour is a key to changing the world get better,” he said.

Plus, now Josue is a reality TV star.He entered the world of reality TV in the following ways Law of the Junglewe may see more of him in the near future.

“Betrayal for money. Work as a team. Trust or mistrust. This series is crazy. “Law of the Jungle” is now on Netflix. Riots broke out and everything was done.” He once posted on his IG Promote the show on .

When Josué isn’t free, he enjoys dancing, acting, listening to rock, metal and rap, and working in his little wood workshop.

His favorite food is chicken rice and his spirit animal is a wolf.

Is Josue Villanueva Married?

Josué Villanueva does not appear to be getting married in 2023. In fact, he probably didn’t even have a girlfriend at the time.

The only love in his life is his mother. “Chingona the lioness,” he tags her, before saying he’s “proud to be the son of an amazing woman.”

josue villanueva height

Josué Villanueva is over 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm) tall.

Referring to his distinctive features, Josué has long black hair, brown eyes, torn body and tattoos on his hands. In addition, the four letters “MORT” are engraved on the fingers of his left hand (except the thumb).

Related FAQs

  • When is Josué Villanueva’s birthday?

Josue did not disclose his birthday.

  • Where is Josue Villanueva from?

Josué is from Guadalajara, Jalisco.

  • Is Josué Villanueva on Instagram and Facebook?

As of March 2023, Josué is on Instagram @fura_parker verified Has 2200 followers. Most of his posts feature his parkour videos.

Also, here is his Facebook @Frapak and [email protected]fura_parker verified.

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