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Who is Joseph Nee?(Heartbroken family tear into ‘scum’ gunman who shot dead nine-year-old Olivia

Joseph Niwicki

Joseph Nee Biography

Who is Watchman Nee?

Joseph Nee is a career criminal whose offenses include jail time for theft, theft and drug offenses. It is understood he was the intended victim of the shooting.

The grieving family of little Olivia Pratt-Korbel, who was ruthlessly murdered at their Liverpool home today before bedtime, braved the ‘scum’ and cowardly gunmen who Shot her mercilessly in a vicious “seeing is believing” gang war. eyes” and told his evil murderer: “This image will haunt you forever”.

The beloved 9-year-old is believed to be the tragic victim of a fierce revenge between warring gangsters that lasted for weeks when she was killed by a balaclava-wearing gunman who broke into her At home, while chasing a suspected opponent, he saw inside the ‘light slit’.


Olivia’s heartbroken uncle Peter Korbel shared a photo of the beautiful Olivia on Facebook, heartily saying: “Our family will remember this photo of my beautiful niece with happiness and pride…including this belt. Savage little girls with a Korbel attitude, and then some xx, but for scumbags who do, this image will stick in their minds for the rest of their days.

The boy’s cousin, Rebecca Louise, recalled the 9-year-old being “all smiles” as she vowed the family would do anything to help bring justice. She told Metro: “I don’t think myself or my family could find an adjective to describe the pain we’ve felt over the past 24 hours.

Not only have we lost “Nuestra Liv”, we have also lost a daughter, a sister, a niece, a cousin and a granddaughter. Our little Liv is full of energy and energy and she absolutely knows what she wants.

“You have so much potential and a fulfilling life to live beautifully. I can only apologize for the cruel world we live in and the monsters in it. My heart aches and I don’t think we will ever be able to digest what happened.

“We’ll find out who did it, and we’ll get justice for you, girl.” Lewis and I love you so much, it hurts. Always 9 years younger.

He said he knew the family “has not only the heart of this city, but the heart of a country behind all of us,” adding: “Let’s do something to get these guns off our streets.” No other family should endure what we have been through as a family, especially my Aunt Cheryl.

‘No other child deserves to lose their life for these senseless crimes. Baby in our hearts forever’.

There was outrage today when it was learned that the intended victim of the shooting was himself a thug who was released from prison before a furlough.

Career Criminal Joseph Nee

It is understood career criminal Joseph Nee, 35, from the Dovecot area of ​​Liverpool, was the man injured in the violence that left Olivia dead and her mother injured on Monday. He broke into his home while trying to escape the masked gunman, and as the girl was dying, Ni, who was also shot, was taken to hospital by her friend in a black Audi. Nee was part of a gang that has been jailed for 10 years for a series of robberies in north-west England.

Ni was jailed for 45 months in 2018 after he and two other men led police on a high-speed chase. He pleaded guilty to two counts of theft, two counts of motor vehicle theft, dangerous driving, driving without insurance and driving without qualification.

Merseyside Police have refused to publicly identify Nee, but have previously said a 35-year-old man who was injured in the shooting will be jailed for breaching the terms of his release.

Olivia’s death

Olivia’s death is one of three fatal shootings in the area in a week, 15 years after 11-year-old Rhys Jones was shot on his way home from football practice. In Croxter, Liverpool.

Amid growing anger over the killings, Kieran Mullan, the Conservative MP for Crewe and Nantwich, told the Daily Mail today: “The reality is that only a relatively small number of hardened and determined criminals are responsible for making The rest of us suffer, and, of course, in a horrible way.” This time.

“If the early work to get them out of a life of crime doesn’t work, the longer they spend in prison, the better it will be for the rest of us.”

Just today Merseyside Police carried out a series of gun crime raids in the city as tributes continued to pour in for the schoolgirl.

Watchman Nee Arrested and Indicted

Nee, who lives in the Dovecote area of ​​Liverpool, was arrested in hospital this morning and treated for gunshot wounds as he breached the terms of his release. He will be sent back to prison to complete his sentence.

The career criminal has been jailed for several serious crimes, including robbery, theft and drug offences.

In 2009, Nee was jailed for six-and-a-half years for being a “trusted foot soldier” in a drug gang that helped sell heroin and crack cocaine on the streets of Liverpool.

The force’s chief constable Serena Kennedy said the “shocking” killing “crossed all lines” as the force called on Liverpool’s “fraternity of crime” for information.

Kamien told the BBC: “We got CCTV, we got names, we got information. It’s absolutely fantastic that people are telling us where they are and what area they are in.”

She urged the community to “continue to help this family in every way possible”, adding: “We continue to investigate Olivia’s shocking murder and support her family as they try to come to terms with this tragedy.”

Joseph Ni Fast and Facts

  • Heartbroken family of Olivia Pratt-Korbel tear up today’s ‘scumbag’ gunman who shot her at home
  • In an emotional Facebook post, they told her evil killer: ‘This picture will haunt you forever’
  • Career criminal Joseph Nee seriously injured in Monday night’s shooting, Olivia killed
  • The 35-year-old was part of a criminal gang that was sentenced to ten years in prison for a string of thefts

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