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Who Is Jonathan Welch?Man Killed His Mother, Father & Girlfriend Check Mugshots

Nowadays, the crime rate is continuously enhancing in all over the world as such lethal exploits are spreading their feet in such a vast manner, that we could not even tell you, and almost every time these issues proved to be deadly with few. Something similar is again catching the heat from Highland Park, Michigan where a man Jonathan Welch who was accused of violently torturing his girlfriend has been released on the bail and within a few couples of hours allegedly murdered her and his stepfather while stabbing his mother as well along with the knife of butcher, below you could explore everything you need to know.

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the tragedy occurred a few couples of months ago when he executed the fatal exploits against those who were close to him. The commencement of the exploit took place on 2nd June when he attacked brutally his girlfriend and Zlayiah Frazier with whom he used to share the house. But all this was not enough because the eyesore of the mishap was even worse and it shocked everyone because it is very bad to go to this extent. As he choked the lady with an extension cord, and gasoline and burned her using a scalding spatula.

Reportedly, as soon as the concerned authorities got acquainted with the crime they reached out to protect the victims, but as long as they reached there they lost their breath as the attacks were fatal enough as their wounds were speaking out everything. Therefore, initially, they took the bodies into custody while seizing the weapons and all the equipment into their custody. Later, they sent them for the investigation so that, on the basis of the fingerprint they detain the culprit. Then they took Jonathan into custody while sending him behind the bars at the time of sentencing him.

Apart from all these, he had been firstly charged with three counts of first-degree slaughter, even whoever is hearing the saddening news they are also seeking justice for the victims while requesting the police to punish him with strict sentences. Because the way he killed them was unexpected and extremely terrifying, here we have mentioned such details which have been derived from the other significant source, and this is the reason, a few are still pending to be unveiled. So if something comes out we will update you for sure stay tuned with us.

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