Who Is John Zloty? Age, Job, Christina Manning

Meet John Zloty, the father, not to mention husband, of the child Christina Manning is currently expecting. Learn more about his age, job, career and family. We covered them all in this article.

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Extreme Sisters: Are Johan Zloty and Christina Manning Still Together?

Yes, John Zloty and Christina Manning are still together. In fact, they got married on August 14, 2021, two months after the season 1 finale aired.

The last time the two posted together on John’s IG was in the first week of January 2023. John posted on his Instagram, “Congratulations to my beautiful wife for posting the trailer for her show #extreme sisters Catch the season 2 premiere on January 23rd! #tlc”

As for Christina’s IG, it was on January 15th. She posted the same image, captioning “Mum and Dad.”

However, the return of Christina and Jessica is the only news for 2023, and the show also explores Christina and John’s pregnancy journey. John and Christina’s twin sister, Jessica Dunagan, appears in the trailer arguing about how involved she was during the pregnancy. The married couple had an argument when John claimed that Jessica didn’t need to go to Christina’s ultrasound.

“John wants my sister to be alone,” Jessica grumbled. Ahead of the season premiere, Christina, who has two children from her first marriage, took to Instagram on Jan. 7 to reflect on her pregnancy.

“I thought I didn’t have kids anymore; almost 40 and already have two. I will say, this pregnancy feels different to me,” she wrote alongside several photos of the baby bump. “I took it with more gratitude. I realized that this might be the last time I would have this experience again, and I knew how fast time flies. How quickly my baby grows. Looking back , the chaos at the time was an amazing experience.”

“I’m able to live in the moment, be more patient, more present, more grateful. Wow, I’m going to love another little human like I already love my two,” she continued. “It was a spiritual moment and I’m forever grateful.” Christina added that she’s excited to be going through her third pregnancy with “the most amazing man.”

“I grew up without a father, so I know how blessed my children are to have great male role models in their lives. One thing I’ve done right in my life is that I’ve chosen truly great men to have my children ,” the reality star concluded. “I got it right on Maddox and Maelyn’s dad, and I won the jackpot with John. Feeling so blessed to have to share.”

Oldest post by John and Christina together trace back Until December 2020.

Jessica’s involvement in the birth of Christina’s baby was a natural for the twins, especially since it was Christina’s intended last pregnancy.

“I’d be next to her and pull the baby out and put the baby on her chest,” Jessica said. “Like, I’m totally immersed in this female power.”

Christina’s imminent birth was one of the main plot points for Christina and Jessica in Season 2 of “Limited Sisters.” By the end of the season, she may give birth, but she has yet to reveal a date on social media. In January 2023, she posted some photos of her pregnancy on Instagram and made comments about turning 40 and being pregnant.

So her baby was likely born shortly before that article was published. In the video, Christina said she wanted to give birth in water “all naturally” at home. Then she gets in the tub to experience it for herself. She also revealed her initial wish to give birth in the woods, but was vetoed by John.

john zloty era

In January 2023, Johan zloty will be 26 years old.

Where is Johan Zloty from?

Johan zloty currently lives in Washington Gig Harbor. He is originally from Indiana.

john zloty job

John Zloty is an accomplished project manager and skilled technician with keen analytical, troubleshooting and team building skills and 4 years of direct experience. He has been with AEPS Corporation since February 2022 as Guard II of AEPS Corporation. He previously served as a sonar technician in the US Navy from 2017 to February 2022.

John enrolled at Walsh University in 2016. He attended the submarine electronics and computer training school.

What is Johan Zloty’s net worth?

In 2023, Johan Zloty has a net worth of just under $400,000. =

john zloty height

Johan zloty is over 6 feet 2 inches tall.

Related FAQs

  • Who are Johan Zloty’s parents?

John Zloty was the youngest of five children born to Bob and Stacia Zloty. They both live in Martinsville, Indiana. His four sisters are: Kate Ebbinghaus, Bree Holland, Alena Toman and Lynn Adams.

  • Is Johan Zloty on Instagram?

Yes, John Zloty on Instagram (@jzloty23) and Facebook (@john.zloty).

  • When is Johan Zloty’s birthday?

Johan Zloty celebrates his birthday on December 1st.

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