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Who is Janette JJ Pantoja?(Former couple who vanished on the same day and in same Lake Tahoe area as missing teen Kiely Rodni, 16, are found dead) Wiki, Bio, Age,Missing,Family, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Janet JJ Pantoya Wiki

Janet J.J. Pantoya Biography

Who is Janet JJ Pantoya?

A California man and woman who went missing in the same area of ​​Lake Tahoe as Kiely Rodni was found dead on an embankment on Wednesday.

Janet “JJ” Pantoya, 29, and her ex-boyfriend Juan Almanza Zavala, 36, were found near their car parked on a Nevada County embankment, according to the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office.


Pantoja’s family called police shortly after her disappearance on August 6, saying her phone was last pinged in the area where the car and body were found 11 days later.

In the search for her sister, Alejandra Pentoja expresses her disappointment at police’s massive investigation into her search for Rodney, compared to the lack of communication she’s getting from detectives .

Rodney, 16, went missing at the Prosser family campground, about 70 miles from where the former couple’s bodies were found. Her disappearance on the same day sparked a massive search that now requires around 18,000 man-hours to find clues.

“Why did they fuss with her and not make a fuss about the people we know?” Alexandra said. ‘not too good. ‘


“I think the police are rude,” Pantoja’s sister told Fox 11. “I called them (when she went missing) because I wanted to know about my sister and they said we couldn’t keep in touch with you every day.”

“They kept telling us they were going to conduct an aerial search, but (they) didn’t. I feel like if something happened, or what (Zavala) did to him, they were just giving (potential suspects) time to flee.”

According to a KCRA report, Pantoja and Zavala are heading home from the auto show in Reno, Nevada. The car they were spotted outside was not visible from the road.

California Highway Patrol officials were informed of the embankment on Highway 20 and Poker Flats Road in the Pennsylvania Valley after reports a man saw a wrecked vehicle.

The vehicle discovery report indicated that Pantoja and Zavala were found outside the vehicle. It has not been confirmed who the driver was.

Alejandra said Janet’s current boyfriend was notified the night she disappeared that she had stopped sharing her location, and was last seen in Nevada County.

As of Aug. 18, the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office reported that it had spent a cumulative 17,946 hours of work searching for Rodney. Police said they recently dispatched investigators to conduct a water and land search on August 17.

Placer County police announced Monday that the search for Rodney will end next week after tracking more than 1,200 dead ends.

In an updated chart posted Thursday on the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page, authorities have now followed up on 1,550 leads and have yet to address 79 leads.

Details of Rodney’s vehicle, a silver 2013 Honda CRV, were also revealed. Police said the car had a battering ram affixed under the rear wiper blade. The license plate number is 8YUR127.

Placer County Sheriff’s Lt. Josh Barnhart clarified that while the cumulative effort will be scaled back, authorities will “step on the gas” as they “continue to move forward this week.”

Police added that they have confirmed that Rodney was wearing a pink and white “Odd Future” sweatshirt posted on the Placer County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page the night he disappeared.

Janette ‘JJ’ Pantoja Fast and Facts

  • Janette ‘JJ’ Pantoja, 29, and ex-boyfriend Juan Almanza Zavala, 36, were found on an embankment in Nevada County
  • The former couple was found 70 miles from where 16-year-old Kiely Rodni disappeared from the Prosser family campground in Truckee, California
  • Pantoja and Zavala come home from the auto show in Reno, Nevada
  • Janet’s sister, Alejandra Pantoya, has expressed disappointment at the increased police efforts to search for Rodney.
  • The Nevada County Sheriff’s Office says it has spent less than 18,000 hours pursuing leads to Rodney’s disappearance

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