Who is Jagger Shaw who died after eating granola bar given by Nebraska school teacher, obituary, cause of death, age, family

Jagger Shaw, an 8th grader from Nebraska, died after eating a granola bar his teacher gave him, know his obituary and cause of death

Last year, the accident happened at Liberty Middle School in Nebraska. As compensation for Jagger’s unexpected death, the Nebraska school district has agreed to pay his family $1 million.

Who was Jagger Shaw, who died after eating a granola bar presented by a Nebraska school teacher, obituary, cause of death, age, family and parents

Tom and Jill Shaw had a baby boy named Jagger in 2015. He was in middle school at the time, attending Liberty High School in Nebraska. On May 13, 2022, Jagger fell ill after a teacher at school gave him a granola bar. He has an allergic reaction to it. He was taken to a nearby hospital where he died shortly after.

The cost of the settlement will be covered by the school district’s liability insurance. At its Monday night meeting, the school board will decide whether to approve the agreement reached with Jagger’s family over his unexpected death.

Jagger Shaw’s dad opens up about allergic reaction on Facebook

Jagger’s father, Tom Shaw, wrote on Facebook that Jagger’s middle school teacher gave him a granola bar when he asked for a snack. Jagger picked up the granola and started eating. About halfway through, however, he started feeling like he was having an allergic reaction. He then went to the nurse’s office and they gave him diphenhydramine and watched him closely to see if it was helping.

Tom Shaw said when Jagger tried to spit out the food, he went to the bathroom and came back flushed. The nurse then gave him an EpiPen and called an ambulance. It’s unclear whether Jagger’s school was aware of his allergies.

Nebraska school district pays $1 million to Jagger Shaw’s family

Jagger’s parents didn’t want to say anything to the court, and court records don’t say much about what happened on May 13, 2022. But the fact that Jagger’s family will receive $1 million from the school district shows just how bad things are.

Jagger Shaw’s tragic passing shows how important it is to teach food safety and allergies in schools. Anaphylaxis can be life-threatening, so it is important that schools take steps to protect students with allergies.

While it’s unclear whether the school was aware of Jagger’s allergies, it shows the importance of the school taking all necessary steps to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

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