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Who is J. Michael Steele?(NYC public college program director claims he’s not the pants-less man) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

J. Michael Steelewiki

J. Michael Steele Biography

Who is J. Michael Steele?

J. Michael Steele, 52, who works for the CUNY Early College Initiative, posted a photo of a man walking through a classroom without pants, a striped shirt, black sneakers and a COVID mask.

Providing as little context as possible, Steele used this image to make fun of New York’s 90-degree temperature.

‘When it’s hot outside and inside. It’s Pom Pom shorts time,” Steele tweeted on Thursday. “There are no kids in this blackmail photo. “

He told the New York Post that he was not the person in the photo, but he did not say who the inappropriately dressed person was. However, the man in the photo has a tattoo on his left arm, similar to Steele’s.


The post sparked outrage online, prompting CUNY to step in and apologize for the incident.

“This post was brought to our attention, it was subsequently removed, and appropriate action is now being taken,” the university said in a statement. “CUNY is committed to providing the right learning environment for all students.”

Steele, a former teacher and principal in Massachusetts and Detroit, has worked with students in sixth through twelfth grades for 10 years, helping them take college preparatory courses for college credit.

After the backlash, Steele deleted the post and made her Twitter account private.

CUNY officials said the university would not comment on personnel matters while dealing with Steele’s post.

While the original post is no longer there, it has been retweeted, with many on social media further mocking the pantsless man, while others expressed dismay at the partial nudity in the public school.

Twitter user Tess T. Eccles-Brown mocked the man in a sarcastic tweet, praising his commitment to creating a proper learning environment.

“I hope all teachers are as happy with themselves as this person is,” she wrote. Imagine how free you feel. Great environment to study!

Another Twitter user, Noctis Draven, appeared to be stunned by the photo, writing: “Legal places to take pictures that look like this…are people willing to send their kids to these places?”

One Twitter user named Ben was more critical, tweeting: “A reasonable psychological assessment would be a great addition to the screening process for these individuals.”

Another person on Twitter by the username The Dunadan couldn’t help but join in a sarcastic comment on the man without pants.

“I am very envious of his high level of professionalism,” they wrote.

However, Twitter user Maze directly attacked the man in the photo, tweeting: “It takes a lot of balls to do something so stupid.” At first glance, no, it didn’t.

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