Who is Heather baby mama and alleged girlfriend of Dillon Brooks, her daughter and Instagram

Here’s everything you need to know about who Dillon Brooks’ girlfriend Heather is, her age, Instagram, career and more

Dillon Brooks got to know Heather after Dillon Brooks’ daughter was with him for an interview after the Grizzlies beat Dallas.

Dillon Brooks seems to be becoming the number one villain in the NBA right now. The Memphis Grizzlies player who never backs down from a fight recently had a heated altercation with the Warriors’ Draymond Green.

Who’s Heather Baby Mama & Dillon Brooks, Her Daughter, Family & Instagram’s Alleged Girlfriend

The Mavericks’ Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic then drew criticism from him for missing the most recent game. Brooks doesn’t think they’re ready to return to physical play.

It shows that sometimes they are not ready to return to the physical game. “

Because of his no-nonsense approach to the game, Brooks is usually loved or hated by fans. Whatever your opinion of Brooks, there’s no denying that the NBA has benefited immensely from the competition between players and bad guys like him.

The Grizzlies beat the Mavericks again, 104-88, on Monday night (March 14).

Dillon Brooks was interviewed after the game with his daughter Mira. When Rob Fischer asked him what he thought of the game, Brooks held the young child in front of him.

After the interview, Dillon invited Mira to say hello to the camera. She complied, then greeted Memphis sweetly and turned her back to the camera, “Hello Memphis”.

who is heather Dillon Brooks’ baby mom, are they still together?

Heather, who goes by the Instagram handle @heatheraaaa, is the mother of Dillon Brooks’ baby. Not sure if they’re still together, but their relationship seems rocky.

There have been unconfirmed rumors online that Brooks is dating Canadian beauty Big Bambina.

However, Heather and Dillon’s daughter Mira is reportedly very close to her parents, often attending Brooks games with them. They often post photos of themselves sitting courtside watching games, and recently traveled to Utah for All-Star Weekend.

In recent years, Meera has supported her father by attending many of Memphis’ home games. She often wears cute Grizzlies kid costumes when she stands behind her father.

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