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Who is Hannah Curran?(Cheeky Bras N Things ‘erotic’ shopping centre ads spark a furious backlash, as one angry mother brands the chain a strip club)Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Hannah Curranwiki

Hannah Curran Biography

Who is Hannah Curran?

A furious mother has criticised a lingerie chain for showing close-ups of women in tight thongs in ‘pornographic’ ads in suburban shopping centres.

Hannah Curran, 43, was shocked by the video ad she saw at the Bras N Things store at the Gateway shopping centre in Palmerston, Northern Territory.

In a blistering Facebook post, she likened the store to a “strip club” in the windows, which displayed women’s buttocks in barely-there underwear.

Ms Curran called for obscene displays in stores and malls, saying the store was “trying to become a strip club in the public eye”.

“Absolutely disgusting, [they should be] The kids are ashamed of Bras N Things and Gateway, they can walk over and see the dirty stuff,” the mother said in the video.

She was angry: “We can’t accept that this is acceptable in our society!

‘Bras n Things headquarters and the Palmerston Gateway Shopping Centre in the Northern Territory allow public viewing from outside the store and can be viewed by people of any age.

“My main concern is that these sexy pornographic images are easily seen by children.

“As a society, we must protect children and not regulate and promote any pornographic, pornographic or pornographic images.”

She has received support from many others on social media.

“This is rash and doesn’t take into account all the people of different ages who use this route,” one netizen wrote.

“Not everyone agrees with a woman’s butt, a thong tucked into the gap in her sight.”

Another added: “Maybe it’s better to turn the screen around so it faces the inside of the store.”

But while some support her, others disagree.

“If it bothers you, don’t watch it,” one commented, while another joked: “If it turns into a strip club, I don’t think anyone will complain.”

My god, another Karen. Have you been to the pool or the beach? Get over it,” one person wrote.

“All I see is a ‘Christian’ trying to impose his moral views on others. Stop trying to impose your beliefs on those of us who don’t want them,” said one commenter.

Another added: “This isn’t about hating anyone or being serious. Although there’s actually no need for an ad. It’s a shocking ad, it’s designed for people to watch.

A Gateway Shopping Centre spokesman said customers should bring their complaints to the Bras N Things store.

“We take our duty of care very seriously,” they told NT News. ‘It’s made by store for store.

“But if we get a complaint, our first action is to contact the retailer.”

Hannah Curran Fast and Facts

  • ‘Disgusted’ NT mum complains about revealing display in store
  • Hannah Curran slams Bras N Things over ad and sparks social media spat
  • Video ad for shopping mall shows women in tight thongs
  • She said centres and shops should be “ashamed” because children could see ads

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