Who Is Haley Ramirez? Her Age, Job, Height

Fox’s farmer wants a wife premiered on March 8, 2023 as a dating reality show and rebooted the original British series of the same name that aired in 2001. Like any other dating show in existence, it introduces viewers to eligible singles looking for a life partner. Four intrepid farmers join 32 hopelessly single urban women and fall in love with one of the four: Hunter Grayson, Ryan Black, Landon Heaton and Alan foster.

In an upcoming write-up, we’ll be talking about one of Ryan Black’s ladies, Haley Ramirez, on the show.

hayley ramirez farmer wants a wife

Like everyone on the show, Haley Ramirez is super excited to be on the show. She’s been teasing and promoting her “cowgirl days” on social media for some time now. She’s been taking to social media to encourage her men to buckle up and see if the city girl can make it to the farm.

Hayley is vying for Ryan’s heart by the time the game finishes, while Ryan is simultaneously looking for a chance to fall in love. Speaking to the camera on the show, the third-generation farmer said he hopes to have someone in his life who understands his farm life and is willing to open up completely with him. Plus, it’s clear from his journey on the show so far that he’s a hit with the ladies. Even host Jennifer praised him for being handsome. The ladies not only thought he was good looking, but also that he was easy to talk to.

Ryan met most of the women on speed dating, including Hailey. In fact, when he had to choose one to take to his farm for “The First 24 Days,” he chose Hayley, too.

What happened after that, no update yet.

What is Haley Ramirez’s relationship status?

Whether or not Haley Ramirez actually ends up being Ryan Black’s wife as of March 2023 has yet to be revealed. At the time, though, she continued to display her relationship status as “single” on social media.

Speaking of the past, in a TikTok video from August 2022, she opened up about being haunted by “average ugly men” on four different occasions.

hayley ramirez age

Haley Ramirez was born in 1993. Therefore, she turns 29 in 2022.

“A daughter is a wonderful blessing and over the past 27 years I have watched you grow into the amazing woman you are today. Happy birthday my lovely girl. I love you with all my heart and hope today brings you the Happiness to be had,” Hailey’s mom wrote about her daughter in 2020.

Hayley Ramirez Family

Hailey loves her parents just as much. However, she calls herself her father’s twin.

Additionally, Hailey’s parents don’t appear to be together anymore, as her mother, Kelly Randall, has been referred to as “single” on social media.Here, she also mentions the Capital One Auto Finance. The matriarch is from Macon, Georgia, and as of March 2023, she is residing in Frisco, Texas.

Seeing pictures of Hailey’s mum on social media, like Hailey we believe she is aging like fine wine. “Just a Georgia girl living in a Texas world 🍑… love not fighting ❤️❤️ Leo ♌️”, Kylie introduced herself on her IG @georgiapeach4eva.

Night Farmer Ryan chose Hayley over everyone else, and Hayley’s family saw her gathered on what could be her mom’s house on TV. They cheered her on, and Haley’s mom later posted a glimpse of the moment on her Facebook wall.

In her family, Hailey also has an older sister named Hannah Ramirez. She turns 26 on June 1, 2022.According to Facebook, she has been working Capital One Auto Finance Headquartered in McKinney, Texas. Additionally, she has attended Collin College and Brin College in the past.

Is Haley Ramirez on Instagram?

Yes. Haley Ramirez can be found on Instagram.IG accounts as of March 19, 2023 @haleyramirezz Includes 128 posts and 2,498 followers.

She also seems to enjoy being on TikTok @haleyrami and ‘Haley Ramirez’ Facebook.

Hayley Ramirez Height

Beautiful Haley Ramirez is over 5’6″.

hayley ramirez work

At LinkedIn, Haley Ramirez is an experienced recruitment consultant with an excellent work ethic and ability to build rapport with key stakeholders. She also describes her experience in recruiting, namely in finance and corporate functions, insurance services, accounting, customer experience, and more.

In addition, she mentioned that in Spencer Ogden From October 23, 2017 to Wilson HCG From January 2021; and as a Talent Consultant Three nets From January 2021.

Prior to that, between 2012 and 2017, Haley completed a BA in Journalism and Fashion Merchandising at Steven F. Austin State University. During this time, she was a member of the Delta Delta fraternity on campus for four years. She is especially grateful for the philanthropic opportunities in which she was able to be a part.

She graduated from Little Elm High School in 2012.

Related FAQs

  • When is Haley Ramirez’s birthday?

Haley Ramirez’s birthday is December 12, which makes her a Sagittarius.

  • Where is Hayley Ramirez from?

Haley Ramirez is originally from her hometown of Dallas, Texas. However, as of 2023, she has made New York, New York her home.

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