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Who is Gloria Gill?(Stepdaughter of On The Buses star Anna Karen says she is ‘pleased’ the actress left her £400,000 fortune to EastEnders co-star Sophie Lawrence)Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Gloria Gilwiki

Gloria Gill Biography

Who is Gloria Gill?

The EastEnders actress’ stepdaughter Anna Karen is delighted her late stepmother left her £427,000 fortune to her soap opera co-star.

Gloria Gill, 71, said Sophie Lawrence, who has taken care of her parents for years, deserves the money she deserves.

On The Bus star Anna Karen was killed in a patio fire at her home in Ilford, east London, in February, after neighbours believe she started smoking after falling asleep while she used to smoke.

It was revealed on Saturday that Miss Karen had left most of her fortune to former Eastside actress Sophie Lawrence.

Miss Gill said from her home in Doncaster, South Yorkshire: “She is very close to Anna. We used to speak every two weeks or so.

“But she didn’t expect to receive the money and she was happy to leave it to Sophie.

He knew he was going to give Sophie the money. Sophie took great care of my father and Anna, and, since I lived here, she was a little limited in what she could do.

She’s a lovely girl, Sophie

She is a lovely girl, Sophie, who deserves everything. She really took care of both of them: my dad and Anna.

She has known them for many years.

Miss Gill, who used to work in an office but is now retired, was born in Highgate and grew up in Shoreditch.

Miss Karen, who played downtrodden wife Oliver Rudge on ITV’s lewd sitcom between 1969 and 1973, left £427,197, her estate records show.

After paying legal and funeral costs, estate duty and a £1,500 estate, she left 65% of her net worth to her close friend Miss Lawrence, 50. dude.

Miss Karen will have a fifth left

Miss Karen’s will left a fifth of her remaining estate to Miss Jill, daughter of her actor husband Terry Dugan, who died in 2008.

The other eighth is reserved for four other friends or family members, and the final 2.5% is reserved for the Actors Welfare Fund.

Miss Karen, who was born in South Africa, worked as a stripper to pay for her studies at drama school. She starred in 74 episodes of On The Buses and three spin-off films as the sister of Reg Varney’s bus driver Stan Butler.

Miss Lawrence played Diane Butcher on EastEnders from 1988 to 1991, before making numerous cameos on BBC soap operas over the next few years.

Gloria Gill Quick and Facts

  • Gloria Gill, 71, says she ‘doesn’t want any money from her stepmother’
  • EastEnders actress dies in fire at home in Ilford, east London in February
  • Gill says co-star Lawrence has been caring for her mom and dad for years
  • ‘She’s a lovely girl, Sophie, she deserves everything’, Miss Gill said

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