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Who is Enmanuel Noslen Teixeira?(New victim of fake rideshare driver comes forward, deputies think there may be more)Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrested,Crime, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Emmanuel Norsren Teixeira Wiki

Biography of Emmanuel Norsren Teixeira

Who is Emmanuel Norsren Teixeira?

A Florida Keys man accused of impersonating a rideshare driver and sexually assaulting a woman last week has come forward with another victim and investigators believe there may be more, sheriff’s office officials said Thursday. Monroe County.

Enmanuel Noslen Teixeira, 32, from Stock Island, faces charges of sexual assault, kidnapping, battery and indecent exposure after being arrested by police last Thursday.

A 45-year-old woman told deputies she was drinking on the 200 block of Duval Street just before 1 a.m. when she tried to request a carpool home, said Adam Linhart, a spokeswoman for the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, but added, She has never used the company’s app. Before.

Instead of finding the real driver, Teixeira pulled over in a silver SUV and told him he worked for the ride-sharing company, Linhardt said. His SUV even had the ride-sharing company’s logo emblazoned on it, agents said.

But they said he did not work for the company.

“During the ride, Teixeira exposed herself and repeatedly asked the victim to touch him, which she repeatedly reprimanded,” Linhardt said. He “tried to lift her skirt, grab her wrist and put his hand on her lap, and she told him to stop her and let her out, but he refused.”

Linhardt said Teixeira eventually sent the woman to his home.

“The woman also told police she had a strange feeling before he attacked her, adding that she felt the driver was not really a carpool driver,” she said.

arrested and charged

After the victim called the police, police found the truck and arrested Teixeira after the victim recognized him, Linhardt said.

Records show Teixeira was arrested at Cudjoe Key. He is scheduled to appear in Monroe County Court on Sept. 2, records show.

Authorities are asking anyone who thinks they may also be a Teixeira victim to call Detective Sgt. Linda Mixon, 305-292-7060.

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