Who Is E Tammy Kim? BTS Fans Demand Apology From Korean Writer For Her Article

Hello, all the entertainment lovers, so, as well know that a massive part is dominating the Korean entertainment industry including India. A significant amount of the Indian population is fond of watching Korean Shows. The popularity of Korean bands including BTS and Black Pink attained global attention and is considered one of the most famous brands across the globe. The band had a profound influence on the world. Their fandom known as Army is one of the biggest fandoms. Recently a Korean writer named E Tammy Kim as an associate of the coveted magazine. Get more information on who is Tammy Kim?

According to the latest reports, E Tammy Kim is associated with a famous magazine titled The New Yorker impacted by the Korean Pop or K Pop get affectionate by the band. The entire matter comes to the attention due to her article on the boy’s hand. However, the article is completely neutral but tells about the impact made by the band BTS on the listeners through their songs and performances. However, all the people who have read the article so far are criticizing the article so far.

Who Is E Tammy Kim?

The article has been published focusing on BTS on 21st June 2022. It mentioned the events that have launched with their collaboration with UNICEF to take a stand against brutality against children and teens. The writer wrote that In the year 2017 the same year when one of the singers of the K-Pop group named Kim Jonghyun committed suicide. She wrote that the bad didn’t get affected by the death of one of its young stars and heading forward.

Well, if we talk more about this it has been written by the author that the people who belonged to the queer community feel welcomed and admitted by BTS. But at the same time, she mentioned some controversies focusing on humiliating the same people. If we talk about the author named E Tammy Kim, she is working as a freelance magazine reporter belonging to Brooklyn, New York.

She is associated with The New York Times and her works usually become the talk of the town. Well, many of her articles columned in The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, and The New York Reviews of Books. Before working for The New Yorker she worked with the editorial staff of The New Yorker magazine. We will get back to you with more information till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.

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