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Who is Donna Brain?(How a mother was scammed out of her $200,000 house deposit when $210 was unexpectedly deposited into her Commonwealth Bank account) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Donna Brain Wiki

Donna Brain Biography

Who is Donna Brain?

A mother was devastated after hackers emptied her $200,000 life savings after a mysterious $210 deposit.

Donna Brain, 56, from Melbourne, was saving up to buy a new house after a painful divorce, but a day later she found $210 unexpectedly in her Commonwealth bank account and it was all spent .

“I don’t even know how it happened,” a tearful Ms Bain told Channel Seven. “After everything I’ve been through, I just want a nice house to live in.”

Ms. Bryan, a nurse, received a phone call posing as a bank employee after depositing $210, a call she did not recognize.

The caller, Mrs. Bain, demanded that she return the $210 allegedly sent to her by accident.

A disturbing aspect is that the caller did not ask Ms Bain for any personal information.

“They didn’t ask for any NetBank numbers or passwords,” she said.

After this, $500 was withdrawn from Mrs. Bain’s account without her knowledge.

After this is done successfully, larger transfers are made in quick succession.

“They moved six lots of $20,000 and $80,000,” Ms Bain said.

I don’t even know how it happened.

The story had a happy ending, however, as the Commonwealth Bank returned the full amount stolen to Mrs Bain.

She’s still moving into her new house, but her experience has been so traumatic that she checks her accounts every day to make sure the money is there.

Ms. Bain is one of the lucky ones, with many scam victims never seeing their losses again.

Gerard Brody, an advocate with the Consumer Action Law Centre, told Seventh Network that if victims of the scam get their money back, it will be a “real lottery”.

Most Australian banks have recently reported being targeted by scammers.

People are being warned to watch out for unsolicited phone calls from people claiming to work in banks, unexpected emails about strange transactions, and even fake websites posing as banking portals.

In July, it was revealed that well-known Channel 9 presenter Jess Ridley had lost $35,000 to scammers posing as Westpac employees.

Over the weekend, Ridley received a text message, allegedly from a real Westpac number, with suspicious transactions on his account.

Ms Bryan received a call posing as a Commonwealth Bank employee demanding a refund of the $210 “incorrectly” deposited into her account.
The reporter was in the hospital emergency room tending to her son with a broken arm before speaking to someone who claimed to be from the “Westpac Fraud Squad”.

Ridley went through a series of seemingly formal fake steps to make her account “more secure”.

However, the following Monday, she realised that $35,000 was missing from her account and called the scammer, this time getting through to a real Westpac employee who told her the bank hadn’t contacted her.

“I called Westpac on the same number (the one used by the scammers) on Monday morning, quoting my case number,” she told Radio 2GB’s Ben Fordham.

Happily, Commonwealth Bank refunded Ms Bain the full amount the fraudsters stole from her.
At first she just kept silent on the other end of the phone and the guy just said we didn’t know anything about it and the pennies dropped.

“This can happen to anyone.”

Scammers appear to be using caller ID spoofing or stamping techniques, in which fraudulent groups use legitimate business phone numbers to trick consumers.

Another dodgy phone scam is the so-called “Hi Mom” ​​scam, which takes away many victims by playing on their parents’ loyalty.

Donna Brain Fast and Facts

  • Melbourne mum Donna Brain loses $200,000 of life savings to bank hack
  • The money was withdrawn after a mysterious deposit of $210 in Ms Brain’s account
  • She got a call about a deposit from what she thought was a bank
  • The account keeps getting drained despite not providing any password or number

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