Who is Deontre Hancock Next in Fashion 2 finalist and where is he now in 2023

Deontre Hancock, along with his partners Nigel, Desyree Nicole and Amari Carter, hosted several “Culture + Diversity” panels in Atlanta, showcasing new collections and designs, and read about his career

The second season of Next in Fashion, which recently premiered on Netflix, sees 12 aspiring fashion designers from different parts of the United States compete for the perfect opportunity to make a name for themselves in the fashion industry.

Participants took part in themed challenges, such as creating outfits from old clothes and styling looks fit for a royal, and were given expert input from celebrity guest judges, including Donatella Versace.

Who is Deontre Hancock Next in Fashion 2 finalist and fashion designer and where is he now in 2023

After designing and crafting visionary outfits for nine episodes, Bao Tranchi, Deontre Hancock and Nigel Xavier advanced to the final round where they had to present a cohesive collection of eight looks. Bao showed off her signature figure-hugging silhouette, and Deontre showed off his beautiful puffer jackets.

Nigel won the show, but Bao and Deontre’s careers were also expected to skyrocket.

Deonte Hancock’s career

Deontre Hancock is the CEO and design director of Hoodlvm, a clothing line that specializes in plus-size menswear in a variety of styles. Deontre also showed his garments at New York Fashion Week, an event where pieces had appeared earlier.

Despite continuing to promote his brand and showcase his designs across the country, there have been no reports of Deontre being involved in any other major projects since the show ended. Deontre grew up in Washington, where he was self-taught in the fashion design industry.

Since early 2014, Deontre has independently staged several fashion events in Washington, D.C., including an annual runway show. Deontre remains committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the fashion industry, and his clothing line Hoodlvm embodies this passion by offering a wide range of styles to suit all shapes and genders.

Since the show ended, he has continued to showcase designs and promote his brand, as well as host a Culture + Diversity panel with his other co-stars. His dedication to inclusivity and diversity in fashion, and special, unique and innovative designs make him an amazing designer.

Deontre Hancock Net Worth

Deontre Hancock’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million. His age is between 25-30 years old.

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