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Who is Dean Gittoes (Police inspector Dean Gittoes guilty of assault on teen)Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Arrest, Incident Details, Investigations and More Facts

The moment a police inspector confronted a teenager and dragged him across a car park to a station was caught on CCTV and appeared in court at his assault trial.

Dean Gittoes mistakenly arrested the teen who could not be identified because he was only 16 and was suspected of being a ‘terrorist’ as he used his mobile phone to target his police The bureau was videotaped.

Oak Tree Rise man Merthyr Tydfil, 49, “lost all rational thought” when he “illegally” detained the boy on August 20, 2021.

He was found guilty at Cwmbran Magistrates Court, Gwent, of carrying out the attack after combining CCTV and the boy’s phone footage as evidence.

The court heard Gitos was “fed up with internet geeks” and “abusing terrorism laws” to justify the arrest of the teenager, who described himself as an “auditor” when approached.

The term audit refers to a global online community that records and uploads video from government buildings such as police stations.

Prosecutor Jason Howells called the arrest “unlawful”, arguing that Gittoes, who was off duty at the time, had not properly declared himself an officer and had not honestly believed the young man was committing a terrorist crime.

Instead, they asserted, Gittoes had “clouded” his judgment because he didn’t like auditors and because he had been frustrated with his bosses about how he handled similar incidents.

“The officer did it because he had a bad weekend and was upset by what happened a few weeks ago, saying he was fed up with these internet fanatics filming and posting stuff online.”

The boy accused Gitos of being “aggressive and at one point suffocating him”.

Christopher Rees defended himself by saying the veteran police officer truly believed the boy was involved in a hostile reconnaissance of the building and that any video he posted on the internet could have aided the terrorists.

Video played at Gwent Magistrates Court showed Gittoes confronting the teenager, wearing a Swansea City club shirt and black shorts, before grabbing his phone seconds later, placing him on the armrest and taking him to custody .

“It’s suffocating me”, the young man cried bitterly, while Gitos told him to “stop the fight” and added: “You’re a shrewd little netizen about to learn the hard way.”

Sentencing Gittoes, District Judge Sophie Toms called the incident a “continued unlawful attack on a vulnerable 16-year-old boy”.

“It was absolutely clear that he was frustrated that the police department had done nothing to stop the filming, that senior officers had not taken him seriously or supported him,” Judge Thomas said.

“They thought it was a dangerous situation because the videos could be used by terrorists, but I haven’t seen any evidence.”

She said the boy’s phone call was still being recorded in Gitos’ pocket when she told her colleague that he was “dealing with people like this” six weeks ago.

But Justice Thomas said no reasonable officer “in possession of the same facts” would consider the boy a suspected terrorist or a threat to anyone.

“It’s just a photo he took 16 years ago for his YouTube channel, and it’s not a threat to you or anyone else,” he said.

“But you’re so annoyed by your boss’s lack of action that you lose all rational thought.”

You’re clearly excited, and it takes less than 30 seconds to catch him.

“It was an instant decision and it was clear that you had no control over yourself or your actions. When the kid didn’t resist, he used unnecessary force against him.

He grabbed his arm, dragged him hard to the station, twisted his wrist, made him fall to the ground, pushed him against the wall, grabbed the back of his hoodie, and prevented him from breathing normally. .

“He was screaming in agony throughout the entire incident. This is an ongoing unlawful attack on a vulnerable 16-year-old boy.”

The court heard that Gittoes did not identify himself as a police officer and did not fully explain to the young man the reasons for his detention or reprimand him.

Inspectors also left the station before completing the statement and had to be called in by senior colleagues to do one.

Still, Gitos maintained throughout the trial that his handling of the situation was firm. He said he used “straight-arm technique” to restrain teens.

CCTV showed Gittoes grabbing the 16-year-old’s arm and taking him to a police station, where he was arrested and taken to court.

The court heard guidance issued by South Wales Police, which Gittoes saw following a similar incident with the force, informing officers that the public has the right to film government buildings on public property and that doing so does not constitute a terrorism offence.

He also said that if anyone considers themselves an auditor, please ignore him.

However, Gittoes told the court: “I don’t think we should ignore people because they call themselves auditors if there is a clear threat there.”

Judge Thomas granted bail and adjourned sentencing until October 27 following a three-day hearing in Cwmbran magistrates.

Gittoes will face a disciplinary hearing and is expected to be fired upon conviction.

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