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Who Is David Tran? Wiki, Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth, Ethnicity

David Tran is an American, Chinese and Vietnamese businessman. He also served in the South Vietnamese Army for several years. David Tran is the founder of the world-renowned HSBC Foods. He arrived in the United States in 1978.

Quick Facts

Celebration Name: David Tran
Real/Full Name: David Tran
gender: male
age: 75 years old
date of birth: [1945[1945年
place of birth: Vietnam
Country of Citizenship: American
high: 1.8 meters
weight: 58 kg
Sexual Orientation: straight
marital status: Married
Wife/Spouse (Name): Not applicable
children: Yes (2 children)
Profession: Chinese American Vietnamese businessman
Net worth in 2022: $80 million

David Chen Biography

David Tran [BorninSocTrangVietnamin1945now73yearsoldDavidTranwasbornandraisedinSócTrăngVietnamHewasbornintoamiddle-classfamilythatprioritizedloveHegrewupinavillagenearSaigonHegrewupadevotedpatriotanddeterminedtodosomethingforhiscountryTraniscurrentlymarriedwithawifeandtwochildrennamedWilliamTranYassieTran-Holliday[1945年出生于越南朔庄,现年73岁。DavidTran在越南SócTrăng出生和长大。他出生在一个以爱情为优先的中产阶级家庭。他在西贡附近的一个村庄长大。他从小就是一个忠诚的爱国者,并决心为他的国家做点什么。Tran目前已婚,有妻子和两个孩子,名叫WilliamTranYassieTran-Holliday。

David Tran Age, Height, Weight

David Tran [Bornin1945willturn75onAugust72022Height18metersweight58kg[1945年出生,2022年8月7日将年满75岁。身高18米,体重58公斤。

David Tran
David Tran


Before joining the South Vietnamese Army, David Tran dreamed of creating the ketchup everyone wanted to put on their food. David Tran considers himself a man. Tran joined the South Vietnamese Army as a major after graduation. He served his country without greed or deceit, that’s what differentiated him as a man of value. In 1974-75, the Communist Party of North Vietnam began to interfere in South Vietnam, causing chaos. Tran and his family had to fly to the United States.

He lost his job and needed money for food and other necessities, so he decided to sell ketchup. He envisioned creating something that would pique people’s interest. He reached into the bucket, mixed several different ingredients, and pulled out the hot sauce.

The success of his own chili sauce prompted him to set up Huifeng Foods, which was well received by customers. The company has brought him a sea of ​​success, and the company now has headquarters in several major US cities. The company has a huge market value and has made huge profits over the years.

David Tran Achievements and Awards

After all, he is who he calls himself. Everything he achieved in his life was due to his never-say-die attitude. He worked hard to make his dreams come true, why shouldn’t he achieve anything he ever wanted? From becoming a major in the South Vietnamese Army to founding HSBC Foods, he has achieved many successes in his life.

David Tran’s Net Worth in 2022

David Tran Own a large profitable company that has been profitable for many years. As the founder of the company and owner of all profits, he has managed to bring endless zeros to his bank account, with an estimated net worth of $80 million as of August 2022.

David Tran was born and raised in the small Vietnamese town of Sóc Trăng. His military career began as a major in the South Vietnamese Army. It never occurred to him that the Communist Party of North Vietnam would interfere in his country, and he would have to fly all the way to the United States to start a multi-million dollar business. After arriving in the United States, he had no job and no money, so he decided to create a sauce that was well-received by his customers and eventually founded HSBC Foods.

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