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Who is Dave Kroupa?(Dave Kroupa Today? Shanna Golyar Case Update …) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Dave Krupawicki

Dave Krupa Biography

Who is Dave Krupa?

A Nebraska woman posing as her already killed rival spent four years sending hundreds of messages to the victim’s family and ex-boyfriend until the truth about the twisted case was revealed.

Shanna Golyar, 45, is currently serving a life sentence for first-degree murder of Cari Farver, 37, who was last seen in Ohama in 2012.


In tonight’s ABC 20/20 special, Favre’s mother Nancy Raney and the victim’s ex-boyfriend Dave Krupa talk about receiving these before authorities finally decipher the bizarre case of a love triangle information and the harassment they experience.

Authorities said Golyar murdered the victim after realizing she had begun a relationship with Kroupa, a man she was obsessed with and she had been in a relationship with on and off for months.

Shanna Golyar, 45, is currently serving a life sentence for first-degree murder of Cari Farver, 37, who was last seen in Ohama in 2012.

Golyar stalked Kroupa for years and tortured Farver’s family, all while pretending to be the victim.

Krupa only dated Favre for two weeks before getting a breakup text from his phone number. For the next four years, the bullying was relentless, and Krupa kept believing she was Favre.

“He’s constantly getting 60+ texts, 100 emails a day. It’s not surprising. As for phone calls, hundreds of hundreds. I’ve changed my phone so many times, it’s ridiculous,” Krupa told 20/20.

“On one particular occasion, I was sitting in my sloth with my feet up, watching TV, trying to relax. I got a text that said ‘I see you, you’re sitting in a chair, double Feet on blue shirt. “Those things are true.

One message read: “I hate you so much I want to put a knife in your heart.” Another said: “I will ruin your life and take away your happiness.”

Golyar even sent threatening messages and emails about her that appeared to come from Farver in an effort to get the authorities off the odor.

Golyar from the Farver account reads

In an email sent from Farver’s account to Kroupa, referring to Golyar, it said: “She’s a fat cow…it looks like she lost her cubs, maybe she’ll do us all a favor and then Suicide, haha.”

Farver’s account also sent an email directly to Golyar, which read: “I will hurt you if you don’t take your hands or lips off my man.”

Golyar also damaged his property, set fire to his residence and shot himself in the leg.

Farver’s mother, Nancy Raney, said she also received dozens of messages that appeared to come from her missing daughter. After Farver missed her son’s 15th birthday and his father’s own funeral, she realized something was wrong.

“When I get a text, I say please call me, I just need to hear your voice,” she said.

“The text messages also went bad at one point, saying she wasn’t a good mother and she was in control.”

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