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Who Is Clayton Carey? His Age, Height, Job, Are You The One?

Here’s some exciting news for fans: Are you that guy (AYTO)? Has returned from a four-year hiatus.First two episodes of season nine Are you that person? On January 18, 2023, Paramount+ debuted a hot new cast, with Kamie Crawford as host. So, since the TV show once debuted an international dating show with a huge return of 22 contestants from all over the world, let us introduce you to one of the contestants, Clayton Carey, aka Tini.

Clayton Kelly Are you that person?

When Clayton Carey was finally allowed to talk about how he was taking the stage Are you that person? He finally revealed on social media why he disappeared for a month a year ago.

Earlier in January 2023, he revealed that he would be living with 21 strangers at a villa in Gran Canaria, Spain, for a film called Are you that person?He explained that in 2022, he jumped at the chance to fly across the world apparently in search of love. “The secret is out and I can’t wait for everyone to watch this season of @areuthe1 Global to see if I meet and find my perfect match,” he teased on the internet ahead of the show’s launch. Additionally, he advised his employees to get up and eat their own popcorn because it’s going to be a “crazy ride.”

This season’s first episode, as in the past, began with the showrunners secretly pairing contestants based on the results of a matching algorithm. Everyone, including Clayton, was seen getting together and trying to figure out all the perfect pairings.

If they succeed, Clayton will share $1 million with his competitor. However, every time someone guesses wrong, the bonus drops.

Clayton Kelly Relationship Status

Jordanne Deveaux’s dating status is unknown at the time of writing.while in Are you that person? However, he admitted that he is single.

How old is Clayton Kelly?

Clayton Carey was born in 1989. So, he turns 33 in 2022.

Clayton Kelly Family

Clayton Carey shows off his parents to his people on social media, often gushing that they are the greatest people on earth and that he loves them so much.

His mother is Cheryl Carey, you can find her on Instagram @chezare11.On Facebook, she mentioned
Studied at Stella Maris College (Manly) from Manly, NSW, Australia.

As for Clayton’s father, he is an NRL player. Following in his footsteps, Clayton played rugby at a high level in his youth development with the Newcastle Cavaliers, before playing for the Canberra Raiders in the 20s and South Logan Magpies in the Queensland Cup.

As for siblings, Clayton appears to have only two brothers, Jackson and Dean Carey.

In it, Dean appears to be happily married to the beautiful Natalie MacDonald, with two children. At the time of writing, the family lives in Newcastle, New South Wales.

Clayton’s family also has a lovely grandmother named Kath Kelly. Kath attended Mt Erin High School. She is originally from Newcastle, NSW and currently lives in Toronto, NSW, Australia. Kath’s husband is gone. He died in September 2021 at the age of 93. They say he was an amazing father and grandfather.

On his social media, Clayton also fondly mentioned his nephew Flynn.

Clayton Kelly Work

Clayton Carey is a fitness trainer who even competes in weightlifting.At the time of writing, he is fitness concept, a group personal training facility. “We are proud to offer an inclusive training space for people of all abilities, led by a dedicated team of expert coaches”, reads its website.

Back in the day, before retiring from football, Clayton was drafted by Melbourne, where he played for Victoria in a representative honours, before playing as a defender for his country, Australia, before traveling overseas to Samoa for the World Cup.

Then, after retirement, he was introduced to CrossFit, where he found he could still have the community feel and support of a football team in a CrossFit box environment.

Clayton was also crowned “2020 Bay Area Boss” and “Masters HQ Fittest Man” in 2020 before owning a fitness concept gym.

Clayton Kelly height

Good-looking/tattoo-loving Clayton Carey is over 6 feet tall. Even his fans agree when he says his smile is his best physical feature. On his website, it is mentioned that he always has a smile on his face and wants to bring out the best in others and himself.

Related FAQs

  • When is Clayton Kelly’s birthday?

Clayton Carey’s birthday is May 25, which makes him a Gemini.

  • Where is Clayton Kelly from?

Clayton Kelly was born in Canberra, the capital of Australia. However, on Facebook, he mentioned Newcastle, NSW as his hometown and Melbourne, Victoria, Australia as his current city.

  • Is Clayton Carey on Instagram?

Clayton Carey can be found on Instagram @_claytoncarey_ As of January 22, 2023, has 255 posts and 3,047 followers.

Clayton also gets regular glimpses into his life Facebook.

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