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Who Is Choe Son-Hui? First Female Foreign Minister of North Korea Wiki Biography Age

In recent news, veteran diplomat Choe Son-hui has been appointed as the first female foreign minister of North Korea. She served as the North’s vice foreign minister previously and was tapped to lead the foreign ministry at a ruling party meeting overseen by the leader Kim Jong Un. The minister has been in the headlines ever since the news surfaced on the internet. Congratulatory and good luck messages have flooded social media for Choe Son-hui. Apart from this, people are also searching for her personal information such as wiki, bio, and more. Check details here.

According to reports, Choe Son-hui has previously served closely with Kim Jong Un during nuclear talks with the United States. Choe Son has also accompanied him to summits with then US President Donald Trump in 2019, due to her fluency in English as a career diplomat. During a question answer session on the night of the summit, Choe had said that she thinks the United States has missed a golden opportunity with its rejection of their proposals. After the promotion from her previous position, the minister will lead the foreign ministry of North Korea.

Who Is Choe Son-hui?

The 57-years-old Choe Son-hui is the Minister of Foreign Affairs for North Korea. She was appointed as the Minister of Foreign Affairs on June 11, 2022. With that, Choe became the first woman to hold the position and is one of few North Korean women to hold a high-level office. Apart from this, she is a researcher, Foreign Ministry official, aide, and seasoned interpreter.

Born on August 10, 1964, in North Korea, Choe has progressed through all the ranks and now holds a decade-long experience in the ministry. Be it being the section chief to deputy director to being the deputy director-general of the North American department in 2016, she has experienced it all. According to reports, the diplomatic relationship between Pyongyang and Washington has been halted since the 2019 meeting between Kim and Trump flopped.

Kim’s regime has also declined to respond to repeated requests from the United States to resume talks. The appointment of Choe Son-hui as North Korea’s first female foreign minister comes amid anticipation that the regime would conduct its seventh nuclear test soon. Needless to say, Choe Son-hui has achieved many things in her life, and becoming the first female foreign minister of North Korea happens to be one of those milestones. Stay tuned with us for more updates!

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