Who is Charles Pace Brand Davidians Waco leader, family, wife and children

Cult leader Charles Pace is in the news as highly anticipated ‘Waco: American Siege’ Netflix Docuseries Will Explore His Rise, Learn About His Family

The highly anticipated “Waco: American Siege” Netflix documentary series will explore the circumstances behind the 1993 siege of Davidian facilities in Texas.

While the series will primarily investigate the controversial death of the group’s leader, David Koresh, it will also dig into the aftermath of the siege and the creation of a new Branch Davidian. The series will also focus heavily on Charles Pace, the head of this new faction based in Michigan, offering new perspectives on the splintered group.

As a result, Charles Pace became a hot topic and many people wanted to know more about him. So, here’s what we know about him.

Who is Charles Pace Brand Davidians Waco Leader, Biography, Family, Wife and Children

Who is Charles Pace?

Charles Pace is best known as the current leader of The Branch, The Lord Our Righteousness. He’s in the news because the highly anticipated “Waco: American Siege” Netflix documentary series will explore his rise.

He was born and raised in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. According to the Toronto Star, he was trained in nutrition, colon therapy and reflexology. His foot was reportedly amputated by a tractor before April 2013. He is also reportedly a herbalist and gardener.

He is married and his wife’s name is Alex Pace. He is also the father of two children, Michael and Angela Pace.

his career

Charles Pace left Collingwood at the age of 18 to embark on a “spiritual quest” in the West. During his stay in Hope, British Columbia, he got in touch with a member of the Seventh-day Adventist community who later introduced him to the Davidians.

In 1973, he first set foot in Waco, Texas, and encountered this group. However, Charles Pace left the complex in the early 1980s. According to Pace, Koresh “distorted” the teachings of the Bible in ways that Pace couldn’t stand.

During the siege, he oversaw a small church in Gadsden, Alabama. His cult is estimated to have 10 or so members. Despite keeping a low profile, the group has drawn attention from the media and law enforcement. Some fear that the new Branch Davidians may be involved in activities such as arms trafficking and child abuse.

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