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Who Is Caroline Edward? Capitol Officer Wiki Biography Images

January 6, 2021, was one of the dark days in the history of the United States of America, the day which strangled the world’s oldest democracy. The Capitol Hill riots, of 6 January were one of the biggest attacks on democracy ever in the world. We all saw, violent protesters aggressively entered the White House Premises, White House the office of the POTUS ( President Of The United States ). America, the world’s biggest Superpower and world’s oldest democracy, and incidents like these coming from such a country were horrendous. Caroline Edward was one of the officers, who was deployed on the premises that day. She was one of the injured officers by the crowd.

In the court proceedings of this capitol riot case, Caroline has given her testimony to the court. She stated that the crowd was very violent and aggressive, while the lawmakers were declaring Joe Biden as the next President of the country, as he won the elections by getting maximum votes. Caroline further continued and stated how brutally she was knocked down by the crowd and the injuries she suffered. Caroline got massively hit on her head on the steps of Capitol, She suffered from a brain injury. She also stated that for some time she was unconscious, but as soon as she regained her consciousness she came back to fight those violent crowds who were there to assassinate the democracy and destroy the capitol. Caroline was standing with other officers to protect the Capitol and the members of the Congress who were working on the premises.

Caroline also stated that she never thought that as a police officer she would find herself in the middle of a War. She stated that the scene was exactly like the War scene. The crowd was smashing everything which was coming their way towards Capitol. The incident that she shared in the court was horrendous and very shocking. Republican Rep. Liz Cheney the vice-Chair of the panel thanked Caroline for her great and courageous service. Many people were brutally injured and some people lost their lives in the capitol hill riot of 6 January. Well according to the reports, it is stated that the riots were incited by then-president Donald Trump. But the other side has a different story.

Supporters of Donald Trump were super upset with the results of the elections and thus they entered capitol hill. Both sides have multiple reasons to defend themselves. But the root cause is, that the action and violence that occurred that day were horrendous. The brutality and the barbarism that Caroline and other officers faced that day were horrendous. Although the case is in the hands of authorities as you all know, the investigation committee is all set to meet up next Monday and is going to hold six days of public hearings all June. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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