Who Is Caitlin Hutchison? Meet Kyle Filipowski GF! Her Age, Job

During the March 16, 2023 NCAA Tournament, Duke Blue Devils power forward and center Kyle Filipovski made headlines when he became ill and vomited in front of teammate Ola Roberts. Soon, his girlfriend Caitlin Hutchison also came to the attention of fans, as many noticed that Kyle seemed to be documenting his dating life on IG.

This Caitlin Hutchison Bio explores everything you need to know about Kyle’s girlfriend.

Meet Caitlin Hutchison, Kyle Filipowski Girlfriends

Caitlin Hutchison is Kyle Filipowski’s girlfriend. She first appeared on the young athlete’s IG in a post in May 2022, when they appeared to go to Kyle’s prom together. “People will stare. Make it worth their time. 👑,” Kyle wrote in the post.

Later that year, he also shared a photo of them in November with the caption, “Me and you.”

Likewise, Kaitlyn has made multiple references to the basketball star in her IG captions, such as “my best friend” and “my love,” complete with a red heart emoji.

But while the pair have publicly expressed their love for each other on social occasions, they haven’t spoken publicly about their dating life. So, it’s unclear how they met or how long they dated.

For those who don’t know, Kyle Filipowski is a basketball star, named to the preseason watch list and a Karl Malone Power Forward of the Year Award, Wooden Award Midseason Top 25, Wooden Award Top 20 Playoffs Top-10 roster, Naismith Season Squad, and ACC Rookie of the Year and All-ACC Second Team for 2022-23.

He is the son of David (Dave) and Rebecca (Becky) Filipowski, both basketball players, and three brothers, Daniel, Taylor and Matthew. His twin brother, Matthew, is also a basketball enthusiast and was a freshman for the 2022-23 Harvard men’s basketball team.Also, his uncle Randall Hagerdon played on the boys basketball team boston college From 1989-91, his aunt Beverly Hagerdon played on the Dartmouth girls’ basketball team from 1984-88.

Caitlin Hutchison age

In 2023, Caitlin Hutchison will turn 26.

She is seven years younger than her boyfriend Kyle, who was born on November 7, 2003.

Caitlin Hutchison Family

Caitlin Hutchison comes from a family of four.

Her parents, Kevin S Hutchison and Amanda B Hutchison, celebrate their 54th and 58th birthdays in 2022.

On her mother’s birthday in 2017 (April 24th), Kaitlyn even posted a post on her IG with the headline “Today is the most amazing/cutest/beautiful/best mommy’s birthday!! “s post.

Find Amanda on IG @_mrshutch.

As for her brother Ryan Hutchison, he graduated with honors from University of North Alabama later graduated from former soviet institute of education 2023 MSc in Sport Management.

“Bubba graduated today and my heart is full of love because this boy is amazing. He’s smart, kind, loving and wow that smile can make your day. So glad he’s going to UNA in the fall, But not sure if my heart can handle his growth,” Caitlin bragged on her IG in 2018 when Ryan graduated from high school.

Talking more about her brother, sports (soccer in particular) have been a part of Ryan’s life. “I never thought I’d have the opportunity to coach under the same coach who saw me grow as a player and a person,” he said. To be able to be a signing coach for Fiorentina and work under 3 coaches (Waldrop, Ryan and Ellis) has had a huge impact on his life and it has been fantastic.

In addition to studying, he also coached freshmen former soviet institute of education“I’m hoping I’ve made a good enough impression on them that they’ll be accepted as they move on into college and life,” he said.

Is Caitlin Hutchison on Instagram?

As of March 2023, Kaitlyn is on Instagram @_caithutch Has 948 followers. Most of her posts are about her family and friends.

Also, here’s her Twitter @_caithutch.

Caitlin Hutchison Works

Caitlin Hutchison as Executive Assistant until 2023 Intelerad Medical Systems almost a year.

Prior to that, she worked as the “Chief Patient Care/Cochlear Implant/Madison Office Coordinator” Alabama Hearing Association From June 2020 to July 2021. Plus, she’s been a “resume editor/office manager” Black Diamond Network One year with the “Patient Care Coordinator” at Alabama Hearing Association 8 months.

Caitlin Hutchison Education

Caitlin Hutchison earned a BA in Education, Kinesiology and Exercise Science University of Alabama In 2018, she was pursuing an MBA at LSU Shreveport in 2021-2022.

Back in 2017 she also got a 2 year CPR license American Red Cross.

Related FAQs

  • When is Caitlin Hutchison’s birthday?

Kaitlyn received her birthday wishes on September 18th, and she is a Virgo.

  • How tall is Caitlin Hutchison?

Kaitlyn is just under 5ft 8in (173cm).

Referring to her distinctive features, Caitlyn has green eyes, vanilla hair and a healthy body.

  • Where is Caitlin Hutchison from?

Caitlin is from Alabama, USA.

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