Who Is Bruce Santillan? His Partner, Height, Parents, Net Worth

The brand new reality show hits Netflix on March 15th. There are 12 contestants to know. They all have the same goal – to win a prize of 2 million pesos.

Bruce Santillan, Netflix Law of the Jungle

Bruce Santillan brings himself to Netflix’s Law of the Jungle Confidence in surviving in the wilderness from the start. When it all started, he seemed very serious about taking on the leadership role.

It started when Bruce was assigned to the Orange team. From the start, he seemed to strike up a friendly relationship with most of his teammates. Plus, he proved his worth in the first challenge, giving his all to push his team forward. Although at one point he worries about his seemingly inadequate mental skills, as he relies solely on his physical strength to handle the challenge with ease. But soon, that’s no longer a problem. When working together in a team, everyone is able to strike a balance that benefits everyone.

Bruce seemed annoyed that some of the contestants on the team would sabotage the team’s progress in exchange for an extra monetary reward. He firmly believes that only teamwork will get them through the game. He and the other four finalists actually voted not to compete against each other. They collectively completed the final task, which also made them the final winners. They split the winnings and Bruce went home with his fair share of 297,000 pesos.

Bruce Santillan Net Worth

As of March 2023, Bruce Santillan’s net worth was reported to be over $150,000.Professionally, he is a pop singer and a member of a musical group Wapayasos and Horripicososfashion models and trained taekwondo.

his group Wapayasos and Horripicosos released albums such as fleet and sun light. One of their earliest releases was the 2014 album Tolerate. Wapayasos Y Horripicosos As they say, this is an original idea, concept and registered trademark created by Martín Ortega Santos on August 11, 2008, known as Dj Bombiux or MarteenO.

Again, on his Facebook profile, Bruce mentions that in US model From September 24, 2022 to present. In addition, he never stopped his other job at Baileys México, which he joined on December 21, 2019.

How old is Bruce Santillan?

Bruce Santillan was born in 1998. Therefore, he turns 25 in 2023.

Who are Bruce Santillan’s parents?

As of this writing, Bruce Santillan has not disclosed who his parents are and what family background they or he come from.

However, from time to time he shows his sister to his people on the internet. Showing off his young nephew on social media, he wrote: “My nephew, my angel, protect, bless. Thank God he gave us the light to light our house”, in his native language of course.

Bruce is also in a way. We do not know, related to Ángel Marone Santillan of San Francisco de los Romos, Aguascalientes, Mexico, who studied at the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes; and Rony Matos Santillana.

In a June 2018 IG post, Bruce also featured his “second family” in a photo, which included a group of his own. In the picture, he tags Martin Ortega as “Dj Bombiux”, who goes around as producer, songwriter and proud manager on his IG @the host (30.6K followers).

Bruce Santillan Partner

As of March 2023, Bruce Santillan’s relationship status on Facebook is listed as “Single”.

used to shoot for Law of the Jungle After he was wrapped, he returned home to Mexico and went about his daily life. However, he’s never revealed whether he’s also met someone new since his newfound TV fame.

Bruce Santillan height

Bruce Santillan stands over 6’1″.

Not only is Bruce in great shape, but he also looks very sexy and looks like a fitness freak. Besides working out and free running, he also enjoys getting tattoos.

Related FAQs

  • When is Bruce Santillan’s birthday?

Bruce Santillan’s birthday is January 12, which makes him a Capricorn.

  • Where is Bruce Santillan from?

Bruce Santillan is originally from his hometown of Zapopan, a city in central Mexico next to Guadalajara. It is also home to Our Lady of Zapopan, a popular place of pilgrimage.

However, as of 2023, Bruce has been living in Guadalajara, Baja California, Mexico.

  • Is Bruce Santillan on Instagram and Facebook?

Yes. Bruce Santillan can be found on Instagram and Facebook. As of March 18, 2023, his IG @santillanbruce Includes 556 posts and 243K followers.He is also a regular on “Bruce Santillan (Wapayasos)” to share his life moments Facebook.

Additionally, on his TikTok @santillanbruce, he entertains 35.8K followers.

Don’t miss it, Bruce has this fan page on Twitter @santillanbruce with 276,500 followers. On its BIO, the admin wrote: “I upload content that Bruce has not re-uploaded to Twitter. Fan account, this account is not official, I am not Wapayaso, tweets do not represent Bruce Santillan’s thoughts.” There is also one on Facebook A fan page called “Bruce Wapayaso” has about 9.6K followers.

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