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Who Is Bruce Boxleitner? Wiki, Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth, Ethnicity

Bruce Boxleitner is a well-known TV actor who also writes sci-fi and suspense. He rose to fame after appearing on TV shows such as West Was Won, Scare Crow and more. Bruce is the most famous figure in Hollywood, amassing considerable fame and fortune. He has appeared in movie series, numerous feature films and several popular TV series. Bruce is also a producer of online TV series. He also worked on Broadway plays and wrote two novels.

Quick Facts

Celebration Name: Bruce Boxleitner
Real/Full Name: Bruce Boxleitner
gender: male
age: 72 years old
date of birth: May 12, 1950
place of birth: Elgin, Illinois, United States
Country of Citizenship: American
high: 1.88 meters
weight: 82 kg
Sexual Orientation: straight
marital status: Married
Wife/Spouse (Name): Verena King-Boxleitner (m. 2016), Melissa Gilbert (m. 1995–2011), Kathryn Holcomb (m. 1977–1987)
Children/Children (Sons and Daughters): Yes (Michael Boxleitner, Sam Boxleitner, Lee Boxleitner)
Date/Girlfriend (Name): Not applicable
Is Bruce Boxleitner gay? : Do not
Profession: actor, writer
salary: Not applicable
Net worth in 2022: $4 million

Bruce Boxleitner Biography

Bruce Boxleitner Born May 12, 1950 in Elgin, Illinois, is a Certified Public Accountant. He attended Prospect High School and the School of the Arts at the Goodman School of Drama in Chicago. He made his Broadway debut in 1972 with Status Quo Vadis. After that, he moved to Los Angeles. He was allowed to play an iconic role on one of the most popular TV series, The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970), as well as cameo appearances in The Hawaiian Five (1968), Gun Smoke (1955) and Policewoman (1974). role) and Baretta (1974). (1975). He attributes his acting direction to the late Beverly Garland.

Bruce Boxleitner Age, Height, Weight

Bruce Boxleitner Born on May 12, 1950; 72 years old in 2022, 1.88 meters tall and 82 kilograms in weight.

Bruce Boxleitner
Bruce Boxleitner


Bruce Boxleitner The first big break came in 1976, when he was paired with James Arnes on the TV series How the West Won. His acting career has never been the same since, and he’s appeared in some of the most iconic films and TV series, including “Let Them Come Back Alive” (1982), “The Last Convertible” (1979) and the miniseries ” East of Eden (1981).

He became a hero for sci-fi fans when he starred in Disney’s cult film TRON in 1982 (1982). However, he rose to fame and received widespread acclaim for his role in CBS’ The Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983). Bruce recently worked with Jeff Bridges on TRON: Legacy (2010), the sequel to TRON.

Bruce Boxleitner Achievements and Awards

Bruce has a long list of honors and achievements to his name. He is a member of the Council of the National Society established in 1988. He was also elected to the National Board of Directors of the Hollywood branch of the Screen Actors Guild. In 1986, he awarded Beverly Garland the Golden Boot. He won the Cosmos Readers’ Choice Award for Best Actor for his role in the TV series “Babylon 5” (1993).

In 1983, he won the Golden Boot. He has won the Wrangler Award twice. He was the first Estee Lauder men’s spokesperson and model (1986-89). His role as John Sheridan in Babylon 5 (1993) was voted one of the “best sci-fi characters of all time”.

Bruce Boxleitner Net Worth in 2022

Bruce Boxleitner is an American actor, science fiction and mystery writer with an estimated net worth of $4 million as of July 2022. During his acting career, he has accumulated a lot of fame, fame and fortune by playing some of the most iconic roles in various feature films and TV series. Not only has he earned the respect of his fans, he has also made a lot of money from TV shows, feature films, his two science fiction novels, and a voiceover career for numerous video games and audiobooks.

Bruce Boxleitner is a well-known American television actor and a Hollywood luminary. Bruce Boxleitner has had a successful acting career, starring in numerous films and hit TV series, and starring in a major film series. He also wrote two well-known science fiction novels. His most famous works include “Victory in the West”, “Scare the Raven” and “Babylon 5”.

Bruce Boxleitner wife, marriage

Bruce Boxleitner Divorced twice before settling down with Verena King in 2016. Melissa Gilbert was introduced to him by his first wife, Kathryn Holcomb. His marriage to Melissa was called off twice before marrying in 1995. His first wife appeared opposite him as his on-screen sister Laura in How the West Won, while his second wife appeared alongside him as his anchor in Babylon Season 3. – Screen Wife. He has two sons with his first wife, Sam (born 1980) and Lee (born 1985), and a son with his second wife, Michael (born 1995).

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