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Who is Babo? Rapper shows body modification in OnlyFans video

Rapper Babo, real name Eduardo Dávalos de Luna, recently went viral on social media after he posted a video of an uncensored version of one of his songs to his OnlyFans subscribers, which contained evidence of a body modification he underwent in 2010.

According to Spanish media Mundo Deportivo, Babo was among the Show evidence and “detail” that surgery has been performed In the name of “Pearl”.

Reactions were mixed.

Social media star and makeup artist Yeri Mua shared her first impressions with her Twitter followers.she don’t like the lookMeanwhile, internet celebrity Karely Ruiz responded to the whole situation, saying that Gbagbo had initially invited her to participate in the recording of the related video.

Photo by Medios y Media/Getty Images

who is bobRapper shows off body transformation in video posted on OnlyFans

Babo, born November 16, 1976, is a Mexican rapper. He turned 46 at the end of last year.

He is the lead singer of the hip-hop group Cartel de Santa, which he co-founded in 1997 with Hector Montaño and Ronaldo Sifuentes.

What started as a group of friends improvising rap songs quickly grew into a major project.

Cartel de Santa rose to fame in 2003 with the release of their self-titled debut album.its Producer is Jason Robertswho has previously worked with companies such as Cypress Hill, Guns N’ Roses and Ice Cube.

What procedure did he go through?

In a video posted to OnlyFans subscribers, Babo revealed that his body transformation in 2010 was a success, according to several Spanish-language outlets.

Pearling is the practice of permanently inserting small beads under the skin of the genitals.

National Library of Medicine A practical case study was published in 2011. It describes it as an aesthetic practice. But it can also sometimes come with the intention of increasing physical stimulation to “enhance pleasure”, it added.

It involves making small superficial incisions and placing beads just under the surface of the skin. Materials used include beads made of stainless steel and titanium, or plastic beads made of nylon or silicone.

What’s the deal with Babo and Karely Ruiz?

Ruiz is a social media influencer from Monterrey, Mexico. She is 22 years old and first posted on Instagram in 2016.

As of January 2023, she has 7.7 million followers on social media platforms.

The reason for her current popularity, perhaps in circles she doesn’t normally go, is because of reports that the Mexican rapper discussed above, Babo Invite her to the video He ends up sharing it with his OnlyFans subscribers.

According to various reports, she turned down his offer.it Won’t be “the first time” As quoted by TV Azteca Bajiio, she said that videos of that nature featuring her would make their way online. But she added, “that’s fine too.”

Photo by Angel Delgado/Clasos.com/LatinContent via Getty Images

Ruiz vents after her video past leaks

Shortly after Babo posted his video to OnlyFans, Karely Ruiz went live on Facebook. She discusses how several times her videos leaked from their intended location to other places on the internet, nearly half an hour of video.

“When my video was first uploaded,” she said, “it was someone I knew and loved very well, and it pissed me off.”

Text is from a transcription by Azteca Bajio, translated by Google.

“It was easy for him,” she continued. “He uploaded it and everyone criticized [me for it]. . . I feel bad and it’s not fair for me to say people like that because it’s my life and if I send a video or [choose] no [to] Sending video this is my problem.people are very [critical],” she says.

In the end, she continued, she learned to take advantage of the buzz the situation could create. “The girls who criticize me are the same girls who are desperate for Babo videos,” she said. Recently posted on Facebook, according to Marca. “How crazy.”

Anything to tell us about this article?

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