Who Is Anaston Jeni? Her Age, Job, Jeremy JR Robinson

Anaston Jeni or Anaston J Scott is one of the baby moms of Jeremy JR Robinson. Latter recently announced her engagement to Tamar Braxton.They reportedly met in the first season Queen’s CourtHowever, news of the engagement followed, dragging Anaston down. So, she decided to speak her mind on the subject.

Who is Anaston Jenny? Find out about her age, job, social media influence and where she currently lives. Keep scrolling and learn more.

Meet Anaston Jeni, Jeremy JR Robinson Babymama

Anaston Jeni, one of four mothers to “Queens Court” contestant Jeremy “JR” Robinson, came out less than a day after Tamar Braxton announced his engagement to him.

Jeremy’s young mother wrote on her IG: “I have been silent for a year and respect everyone’s privacy while they don’t respect mine. I have been silent when this person entered my son’s life, Created nothing but chaos and unnecessary drama.”

“While I’m not going to talk about my son’s other siblings and their father or the relationship this woman has with them. Let me be clear to everyone who knows me and everyone who knows them,” added Anaston , “This woman is by no means my son’s bonus or stepmother. My son doesn’t mean ‘everything’ to her, she doesn’t thank God for me, and neither does his mom, to be honest.”

Anaston added, “What she said was demeaning, consistent with my son’s father and my efforts to get him involved. She made no effort to meet me, get to know me as a woman or a mother, and lead to My son’s father missed weekend and birthday visits.”

She concluded: “I agree with people sharing the version of the story they create for themselves on social media and on TV, but what we will not continue to do is involve my raised son in other people’s shenanigans.”

“It’s easy to believe one side of a story when no one else is telling their story,” Anaston said in the post’s caption. She added, “It’s also easy to label women ‘bitter baby mamas. Hashtag+ calling baby mamas opportunistic etc because that’s what society does.”

Jeremy’s baby mama added in the caption that anyone who knows her on social media and in real life knows she was never one of those people. She insists that everything she has is of her own making and not given to her by her son’s father.

Anaston added: “I have always supported him as he lived his life to the fullest and never made disparaging or defamatory comments on social media. I have not benefited from any overt financial or social interest . I don’t want to be famous or famous.”

The timeline of Anaston and Jeremy JR Robinson’s relationship is unclear. Neither has shared details of their relationship on social media. She didn’t share any photos of JR, nor did JR.

Anaston Jeni and JR Robinson Kids

Anaston and Jeremy share a child named Asher. Former posted a clip showing their “attempt” at everyone else’s gender reveal. In July 2020, she also detailed the ferm “Baby Mama.” She added, “‘Baby Mama’ has historically been used to shame women who have children out of wedlock. It has been used to refer to women in a negative way + make women feel less. But ‘Baby Mama’ literally means” Baby’s mom”, right? ⁣ I’m that. I’m proud of it. I accept that.”

Anaston added: “God chose me, Anaston, to be the mother of this child. Regardless of marital status, other people’s approval etc. He thought I was worthy of this journey and He protected us along the way. That’s enough for me.”

In another post from October 2021, Anaston delved into the details of her motherhood. In part of the lengthy post, she wrote, “#maternity Taught me to be patient. Be patient with myself, with my son, with those people in my life. I may have more patience with some people than I should, but as the mom of a small person who can’t communicate adequately, you see how many adults can’t communicate effectively either. Funny how this relationship has taught me a lot about relationships and life. “

In January 2022, Anaston purchased her second home, the “mini-mansion” her son will inherit.

Is Anaston Jeni on Instagram?

Yes, Anaston Jeni on Instagram (@anastonjeni), Pinterest (@anastonjeni), and Facebook (@anastonj).

anaston jenny era

According to reports, Anaston Jeni was born in 1993 and is 29 years old now.

Anaston Jenny Job

Anaston Jeni is a content creator, storyteller, self-care + mental health awareness advocate, wellness consultant, author and mentor, and owner of With Self, LLC (since April 2019).

Her LinkedIn shows that she worked as a cashier at Finish Line, as a Sales Associate/Floor Set Associate/Cashier at The Limited, and as a Computer Sales Assistant/Cashier at Best Buy. Additionally, she has worked as a front desk/sales associate at Massage Envy Spa, as a front desk assistant at Marriott, and as a development assistant (intern) at Erlanger Health Systems Foundations.

In 2015, Anaston worked as a Financial Services Counselor at Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union and as a Family Law Resource Center Clerk at Coastal Empire Mediation Center, among others.

Savannah Law School is where she earned her Juris Doctor degree. She is a graduate of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science with a concentration in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management. She is both a Georgia Notary Public and a Georgia Certified Neutral.

In April 2018, Anaston received the Savannah Multicultural Chamber of Commerce’s 40 Under 40 Emerging Leaders Award.

Related FAQs

  • What race is Anaston Jeni?

Anaston Jeni is African-American.

  • Where is Anaston Jeni from?

Anaston Jeni grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • When is Anaston Jeni’s birthday?

Anaston Jeni celebrated her birthday on April 16th.

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