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Who is Amy Newall?

An unrepentant mother of two raised her arms in celebration and enjoyed a drink at a bar before escaping from jail minutes later after being drunk and foul-mouthed tirade against police.

Amy Newall, 30, from Liverpool, was pictured gleefully charging into the air after her lawyer convinced a judge to release her citing his ‘sorry’ for her behaviour and stopping to drink Had a pint of beer.

arrested and charged

The inmate was arrested in March on charges of giving a swearing, homophobic tirade to a police officer who was taken to a police station and then abusing other officers as they were brought into a cell.

During her rampage, Ms Newall head-butted the clear plastic plexiglass of a police car before spitting on the ground, telling the computer: “I’m going to break your head, you fucking grass, you fucking Grass.” ****d. “You’re fucking dead, you little bastard.”

He had multiple previous convictions and was jailed for assaulting a police officer, the investigation revealed.

At Sefton Magistrates Court in Bootle, Ms Newall, of Liverpool, faces up to six months in prison after pleading guilty to two charges of using threatening, abusive, abusive words or behaviour to cause harassment alarm or distress.

But after she said she had “multiple problems” and was undergoing treatment for alcoholism, she was given an 18-month community order that included a six-month alcohol rehabilitation program.

Prosecutors argued that her de ella sentence should have been increased due to her background and the fact that she was drunk at the time and that the abuse was homophobic.

After her goal celebrations, Ms Newall was seen drinking with friends outside the bar at the Merton Hotel across the pitch.

The incident took place on March 11 at 5.50pm when police warned and arrested the accused for reasons unrelated to it.

Miss Amy Gouldson, prosecuting, said: “Due to her aggressive behaviour towards her, she asked for a caged car​​. As soon as she got inside, she started threatening.

Ms Newall, attorney Rory McCormack said

He was last in court in March on charges of intoxication, disorderly conduct and criminal damage, having previously been jailed for robbery. In 2016, the apartment she rented in Bootle was called “gang headquarters” because of its links to shootings, stabbings and drug dealing. Police later successfully applied for a three-month lockdown order after a gun from her father was seized at the property.

To ease Ms Newall’s stress, lawyer Rory McCormack said: “It may be important that after the accused recovers in the cell, she apologizes to the officer.” When the effects of the alcohol wore off, she expressed remorse and felt very sorry for her actions .

McCormack told the court Newall had been drinking regularly for so long that she was hospitalized for seizures.

He added: “She is currently taking Librium in connection with alcohol addiction and there are rumors that she could find a place in the detox room.” She told me she was doing what she could with probation given the multiple issues she faced. Cooperation.

“She is working with addiction support services and is optimistic that she will continue to work with various services. Having her in captivity now would only be a step back, not a step forward.

“With respect to your history and progress, you may feel that this matter has crossed the threshold of detention, but if the court comes to this particular conclusion, my suggestion is that you should only be sentenced to imprisonment immediately if you have no other choice. . “Available”. She came to deal with the multiple issues she faced.

“Indeed, this is her last chance.”


Mrs Newall was fined £100 and ordered to pay £200 in compensation, plus £180 in costs and victim surcharge.

“The crimes were aggravated by intoxication,” District Judge James Clark said. “She was previously convicted of matters aggravated by race or religion and received a suspended sentence for assaulting a police officer who had been raped.” He did note, however, that she Apologize to police, expressing remorse for her, and the steps she took to address her alcoholism.

“While you said you started abstinence in May, the abstinence requirement will be complemented by support services sessions and prescription medication.

Amy Newall Fast and Facts

  • Amy Newall, 30, celebrates avoiding jail as she leaves court
  • She and her friends then enjoyed pints of beer at a bar across the field
  • Liverpool mother tells court she’s sorry for drunken rampage
  • Her lawyer said: “She did express remorse when she was intoxicated with alcohol [has] worn’

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