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Who is Amelia Shearer?(Police force faces huge backlash for allowing female PC, 24, who drunkenly urinated in Urban Outfitters’)Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

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Amelia Shearer Biography

Who is Amelia Shearer?

Police are facing a public backlash after allowing a police officer who urinated drunk in a fashion store’s dressing room to keep his job.

Amelia Shearer, 24, staggered into Urban Outfitters in downtown York as she was enjoying a bottomless brunch with friends at Vodka Revolution, demanding a toilet.

Being told there was no one to use, she went to the changing room and freed herself, prompting the shop to spend almost £500 on deep cleaning and closing its fitting rooms.

A police disciplinary hearing in Middlesbrough this week admitted PC Shearer urinated in the dressing room and tried to cover up the truth by changing her account of what happened to her.

After considering her future for seven hours, the disciplinary panel decided she should be given a chance to start “a new path”.

The former criminology student rookie police officer swore a lie during the investigation and must now reveal it to defense lawyers in any prosecution involving her testimony.

However, they saw great hope that the probation officer could keep her job with the Cleveland Police Department, one of the most troubled units in the country.

The public expressed their outrage on social media.

One said: “How can you re-arrest someone for urinating in a public place? Sorry, that’s a mistake in some way.

Another wrote: “This is outrageous, what’s going on? The rules of the account and our rules. If you still have dignity, you should resign.

The decision sparked public suspicion.

York has long had a problem with anti-social behaviour and in the past councillors have questioned Middlesbrough’s cheap tickets, which draw heavy drinkers from Teesside.

“Absolutely shocking that she kept her job despite being convicted of gross misconduct and sworn in,” a third member of the public wrote on social media. For God’s sake, she’s still on parole .

A fourth added: “She is a public servant and is expected to be held to a higher standard in public and private life. She should be treated like the rest of us in the same position.

A tearful PC Shearer told the hearing she was “ashamed” when asked about the matter by a North Yorkshire officer.

She went on to claim she went to the dressing room to “adjust her underwear”, despite store worker Ryan Will finding the stain wet and smelly immediately after she left.

PC Shearer told the hearing: “She was ashamed of herself making the accusation against herself and trying to figure it out on a busy street where people were walking.”

During a police misconduct hearing at Middlesbrough FC’s Riverside Stadium, the panel issued a final written warning to PC Shearer, valid for five years.

Ogheneruona Iguyovwe, chair of the group, said allegations of shameful conduct and breaches of integrity had been substantiated.

“This officer is 24 years old. He has room to reform, and he has room to clear things up and start a new path,” she said.

The panel accepted her force’s statement that her culpability was high and that these actions undermined public confidence in the police.

PC Shearer joined the Cleveland Police Department in November 2019 as a junior and was praised for his performance.

According to the panel, she confessed several times in interviews about what happened, but she would keep her job.

Before making a decision, Olivia Checa-Dover, representing the force, told the Group of her findings.

She said PC Shearer had been dishonest because she lied during her sworn interrogation, which must be revealed to defense attorneys during her future investigation.

PC Shearer’s Janet Smith had urged the panel not to immediately fire her because she had good references, including her inspector’s comments on her progress in her first year, when she called her “perfect”. .

“She has the potential to be extraordinary. She has a place in the Cleveland Police Department, and with the right guidance, she has the potential to thrive in this police force.

The group was told that in less than four hours, PC Shearer and a friend ate a hearty brunch at the bar, drank half a bottle of Prosecco and three cocktails before drinking Jack Daniel’s elsewhere and Coke, then went to Urban Outfitters.

A staff member gave evidence that police asked the store if there was a bathroom and was turned down, but he went to the cubicle to try it on without clothes.

The clerk radioed her manager, and as the police left, he and his boss saw a puddle on the floor that smelled like urine, and she hurried out of the store, but police later found her in town.

She denies urinating but admits she and her friend “laughed out loud”, claiming she adjusted her bra in the dressing room, something she didn’t do while talking to her supervisor Christian Duree statement provided to him. tomorrow.on the phone

PC Shearer explained that she had only given him an “abbreviated version” of the incident, but forced her to lie to him in a subsequent formal interview, which the panel agreed.

Giving evidence on Tuesday, Inspector Dury said: “She has been very good to the public.” Her performance as a probationary agent has been excellent.

Amelia Shearer Fast and Facts

  • Serious misconduct verdict against police probationer PC Amelia Shearer
  • An incident at the York branch of Urban Outfitters last September
  • Retailer pays £492 to clean cubicles and close nine fitting rooms
  • Panel adjourned to consider later today whether she should lose her job

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