Who Is Alison Steinberg? OAN Contributor Rages Over LGBTQ+ Pride Flag Video Goes Viral

One of the famous American journalists named Alison Steinberg turned the flow of attention when she made a controversial statement on her social media account. Her statement left all Internet users incredibly shocked. She intentionally hurt the sentiment of a particular community. Her video went viral all over the Internet and the journalists are getting criticized for her shameful comment she stated without any hesitation. She specifically aimed LGBTQ+ community. Along with Instagram, the video is also surfacing on Twitter. Get more information on who is Alison Steinberg, the journalist is getting slammed on the Internet.

According to the latest updates, the renowned news journalist named Alison Steinberg came live on Instagram and vent out her anger on the Pride flag flurrying at Huntington Beach, California. The news anchor criticized the hoisting of the flag and even said that the people LGBTQ+ community did not belong to America. Her statement leaves all Internet users aghast. The netizens of California commemorate June as Pride Month. But the journalist criticized the community, flag, and the event as well. Her video has become the talk of the town and users are slamming the anchor.

Who Is Alison Steinberg?

After facing scathing reviews on her video she deleted the video from the platform. However, the video has been shared already shared by netizens of the other platforms. Netizens are rushing to watch the video on the Internet enhancing the viewership of the video clip wherein the journalist recklessly commenting the community and expresses her anger toward the flag. In her video, she can be heard saying “What the hell is that?

Huntington Beach is the town of good, old-fashioned, hardworking, American people, much less human.” She continued slamming the pride flag and said that the flag is a disgrace to our city. Alison even mentioned the leader of the town, she said that the person who runs the town should be fired. She goes offline by saying “Make America Great Again.

Make Huntington Beach Great.” If we discuss Alison more, she is an American News Anchor associated with a significant media organization One America News. She is around 30 to 35 years of her age. She was born in California, United States. She completed her graduation from a private high school and attained her graduation degree from the University of Colorado Bouler. She has currently become the talk of the town with her video. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and updates.

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